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  1. Do anyone know that if skill hit contribute to frenzy’s stack count?
    For example if I activated Frenzy, then I used Double Slash on that enemy, do my Frenzy stack increase? If yes, by 1 or by 2?

  2. Do anyone know that if frenzy bonus damage increase skill damage?
    For example use Bash with the damage of 100 before Frenzy activated. Then I start stacking Frenzy, after 10 stack do my damage dealt more than 100?

I haven’t participate in any closed beta therefore I would appreciate if anyone who know more would shed some light on this matter.

I’ll answer this based on my iCBT experience:

  1. If I remember correctly, it did stack but I guess it counted just as 1 hit. Helm Chopper that hit 2 times counted as 1 stack only. Din’t test with other skills like Cyclone that hit 3 million times, though.

  2. Yes. Although it didn’t exactly increased by 100, for example, but you could see dmg increase on skills.

Well…it’s been months since iCBT and a lot has changed on the korean version, so can’t say if those points are still valid, but I’m pretty sure that it worked like this on iCBT.

Stack count only applied on normal attack (based on cbt itos , obt ktos)
Gives Bonus dmg on patk and then calculate like here
((((Skill Attack + Attack) + (random(0% … 100%) * Magic Amplification) * (100% + T0)) - (((Defense - Defense Debuff) * (100% + Level Penalty)) + Elemental Resistance)) * (100% + (0 or 50% if crit)) + (0 or Critical Attack) + (Extra Elemental Attack) + (Enemy Specific Damage)) * (100% + T1) * (100% + T2) * (100% + T3) * (100% + Enhance) + Bonus Damage

Yep, only basic attacks stack it.

I can confirm from experience that only auto-attacks increase frenzy stack.

Well…I came here to edit it but they already confirmed that.

It indeed only stacked with auto-attacks. I just remembered that every boss fight I wasted the first few seconds using buffs and stacking frenzy.

Did you guys that played barb actually lost stacks while changing targets? You’re supposed to, or at least lose half with the attribute - but this guy simply doesn’t. How did it work for you guys?

Watch from 9:50 to 10:40 for reference:

Yes, we did lose the stacks.
The thing is not that you lose half every time you change target. With the attribute the max stacks you can get will be half the maximun but you will be able to change freely the targets.
In order words: level 10 fenzy with att = 10 max stacks that will be kept even when changing targets.

And btw, you can turn this attribute off ( or could, at least), which is pretty good if you want to get more stacks for just killing the boss.


  • Gains stacks only from normal attacks.

  • Lose all stacks (back to 1) if you hit a 2nd target.

  • Circle 3 Barbarian Attribute halves your maximum stacks, but you never lose them.

  • Example: If you have level 10 Frenzy as a Barbarian C3 and learn the attribute you can have 10 stacks of Frenzy at all times and you never lose them until the buff runs out.

  • Simply deactivate the attribute before a boss if you want to get the full 20 stacks.

  • Frenzy does NOT gain stacks from skills.

  • Frenzy does NOT lose stacks from skills.

  • Example: Hit one monster to gain 20 stacks. Turn around and face 10 monsters and use Seism and the stacks stay at 20.

  • Frenzy stacks with Warcry and is applied directly to your Physical Attack.

Level 10 Frenzy with attribute on is essentially 50 seconds of 200 attack or 400 attack against bosses.