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Founders FREE server transfer?

Telsiai will be re-opened to the public yay? But all my friends are in Varena and are on decent levels and equipment (20 of them along with online buddies). I would really like to know if you’d still offer free server transfers from Telsiai to Varena vice versa for us who bought DLC?

I really wouldn’t bother saying that Telsiai ain’t ready for the public coz I know there’s nothing that could stop you from doing so.

No. Why don’t you just start a new character in Varena instead? Enough of this transfer nonsense.

They actually did say that they’re going to let Founders transfer to new worlds.

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I beg to differ from the people you know (if any) who reached lv. 240+ in Telsiai and moved to Varena leaving everything in Telsiai. I wouldn’t ask this question if they never offered. It was never our fault if they temporarily closed Telsiai to the public okay?



How’s it going down there? j/k I just want confirmation man coz you know… IMC…

i know what you feel .all of my friends are play in Verena too and i can’t believe that i have to start my new char and leave everything in Telsiai

i hope they will help this problem just once transfering

I say just dump everything and go to Varena and start afresh, that’s what I did (256 Dragoon here). The only thing I want back are my TP and compensation items.

You and I are different so no no. I wouldn’t post this either if they never offered.

you cant do a transfer on a 1 week old server using your almost 2 month old character

so expect a server transfer 3-4 months after the server was created but that would become a paid transfer i think but who knows.

but as of now you really cant transfer on a new server that would be unfair to those who started in varena since start

also the transfer was from Klaipeda/Orsha to Fedimian/Telsiai so if you used your free transfer then you cant use it again until they announce another transfer

3 weeks from new server opening. look for an announcement about it in another week or week and a half.

I never stated that I wanted the transfer NOW. I’m asking if there would still be a server transfer to those who bought DLC coz they might change their minds.

just saying…

since you are posting this now so the early it is stated the better even if you didn’t say anything about it.

so you have to wait a few months to maybe a year depending on them and if the game is still alive by that time

I’d be happy to wait coz that’d give my friends time to get their ■■■■ before I could get into their server. Or else they’d be bugging me for stuff everyday