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Fencing the night away

Was tinkering a bit and was wondering if my build was okay that way.
For Stat-Distribution I will most Likely Go with 4:2:1 DEX,STR,CON.
I dont want to neglect CON simply because Dex wont help against spellcaster.

EDIT: Updatet Peltasta allocation and reallocated 4 points from Frenzy into Cleave.

Just Frenzy is not worth, you need to use auto-attacks to stack it and skills don’t get stack. How many guys said to me, Fencer is a skill spammer, so make Frenzy almost useless for fencer, its only good for bosses. Invest your points in Cleaver its better, and Guardian needs only 1 point because you have Gung Ho.

What about this? I kept thinking that i would like the playstyle with implementing Dragoon into my rotation. I would probably have my Weapon sets like that A single Rapier(Fencer passive grants 15% bonus dmg when only using a rapier and i love Rapier’s^^) and my second Set 1hSpear+Shield which i would use for the Pelt skills and Dragoon skills. The more i think about it the more i think i would love to try this build :smiley:

So i kept on tinkering and hit a thought which kidna hampers me. Should i either go with Highlander or Barb here. Input would be appreciated.
As previously stated, i will go with onehanded spear+Shield for Dragoonskills or when teh situation gets grim and my weaponswap will be Rapier+nothing(%dmgpassive that way)
K the Builds as i have them now are:


Please let me know what you guys think. <3

Frenzy does not stack with skills, but 10 stacks is done super easy.

Many use Frenzy level 10, it’s 50 seconds and with attributes it will never go below 10.

Just jump around, hit with auto attacks until 10 stacks and then you skill spam.

200 attack with attributes (never lose stacks)
400 attack without (lose stacks if you hit another target)

Skill usage does not reduce stacks.
Skill usage does not increase stacks.

Found this video that looks like your build.

Also demonstrates how Frenzy works in action.

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Thanks. I was aware of the mechanics around it costaa wasn’t. Anyways thanks for additional reference material <3
And thoughts on the new question in the Room?
I’m still torn between Highlander and Barb atm.
I feel like Highlander has more utillity then barb with its Armorbreak and shock(yeah eventhough thats not the strongest thing ever).
While barb packs more AoE dmg and a neglitible Critrate buff, 50 Critrate isnt much later on compared to a ful armor negation.
So, any thoughts atm i keep trending towards highlander version actually.

Highlander is a debuffer, not a hard hitter.

It’s really up to you.

Barb skills can be use to fencer? Do I need two handed sword to activate the skills for barb when I am using a rapier or not?


To my knowledge: The only time you need to use a specific weapon with a skill is if that skill lists having a specific weapon as a usage requirement. An example of this would be Cross Guard. So you would weapon swap to use Cross Guard, and then swap again to use your Fencer skills.

All barb skills can be used with any weapon or without any weapon.

Ty for the info hehe. My build is similar to you

Yup Crossguard is the only highlander skill with a restriction on weaponusage, one of the reasons i didnt skill into it, the other being that a fencer doesnt need it anyways due to flannconnade^^
Yeah i probably go with Highlander more debufffs are always a nice addition i geuss :slight_smile:

I want to make a build similar to that one but I have a question:

Which one is better to max, cleave or helm chopper?

Also I’ve read somewhere that cleave gives +50% crit rate and not flat +50 crit for 5 seconds. But even then, I don’t think leveling up cleave changes the crit bonus.

Yeah my mistake sorry. Had to recheck myself now and yes its 50% not only 50 Crit rate. But you should max Chopper, its more dmg then cleave. Cleave still does a lot of dmg but if you are not sure which to max and just want ore dmg for your buck you should max chopper. As you get the same crit buff from cleave on all levels(1-15)

I saw that cleave gets a 150% damage bonus on stunned mobs, though.
Does that still make it weaker than chopper?


I think in the long run Chopper should still deal more reliable dmg. As you cant perma stun obs alone. And bosses are immune to stun’s anyways so you dont get the extra dmg there. I mean yeah if you keep mobs stunned while grinding its more dmg with cleave but it always enforces that prerequisite on you.

Ok thanks.

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