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Element property attack , is this the flat amount or scale with matk?

Hey guys , here is the thing I found very confused.
Since yesterday I always think element property attack is the damage which adds to your magic spell’s final flat damage.
However My friend told me that I was wrong.
He said element property attack is just like you matk
Which means it scale with your skill attribute.

For example, lets take 153 fire property weapon
when I use the skill on or off, the gap is greater than 153 , it really seems scale with my skill attribute

After several tests I think he is right , so I just want to double check with your guys.

Property attack adds to your damage, so let’s say you deal 1000 damage with a spell and you have 200 property attack, you’ll deal 1200, but each property element is sensible to weaknesses and increases, except holy.

It works on physical damage too, but critical attacks doesn’t increase the damage from these elements.

They are multiplied by your skill attribute, but in lower scale compared to physical attack and magic attack. Same applies for Critical Attack.

Taking @Aotsuke values of 1000 and 1200, your damage increase is greater than 200 because of the % scaling on skill attribute. With imaginary values of 100% attribute and no other modifier, would be compared to 2000 and 2400, for example.

Not sure if I’m 100% right since never tested it applying the formula:

Are you sure ? I’m hitting 350+ with additional earth damages from Cafrisun set. And it’s only 15 additional damages. Or is it because it’s additional damages and not property. I’m talking about auto attacks by the way.

Do you have other gears that give property attack? Blessing also increases cafrisun’s additional hit’s damage.

Arde Dagger + Cafrisun + Agny + Ledas

~ 350+ fire (Fire Enchant :d)
15 earth
153 ice

When I don’t have Sacrament it does more than 350+.

So let’s say you have (bullshit numbers) :

100 fire property attack
30 holy property attack
200 poison property attack

You also have the cafrisun/sacrament buff, so you have 2 more lines of damage.

Now, you use an auto attack, without these, your auto attack deals 1000, add the property attack, it will deal 1330 (again, all property damage is sensible to its weakness and increase except for holy which has no weakness, and poison too I think), sacrament and cafrisun will add respectively 2 lines of damage, and each one of them will deal your amount of total property attack as damage (330).


Yes Sir, dats what I want confirm and it seems really true. Cuz property attack is just like your matk ( no matter the property dis-advantage), it depends on your skill attributes.

Sorry Sir it seems you are wrong. I was on the same thought with you. But after i did several times, this property attack really scale with the skill attributes.

Ele property attack does scale with skill attributes, the beauty of it is it bypasses the basic mdef attribute. Other modifiers such as monster type also affects it if you are a physical class.

Depending on build and skills, most classes will benefit more from having ele prop attacks. For classes such as scout, cannoneer etc, getting raw patk will be better though as those raw patks are included within the base modifiers.

That said, if you are a wizard c3 specialising in quick cast, I would suggest giving raw matk a priority over ele prop attacks when choosing headgears.

Note that these are based off the damage guide linked here by @LunarRabbit

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Also for most Physical Attack builds focus on raw Phys Atk + Crit Atk instead of Elemental Property since P ATK gets multiplied by 1.5 if you deal critical damage.

One yellow gem (470 crit atk) adds around 1k damage on my criticals. Critcal Attack have the bad side on depending on high crit rate but the values you can get from hats are higher compared to Elemental Damage which is added without the need of critical hits.

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A question, so critical attack gems are added pre 1.5 modifier or pro-modifier? Somehow it feels like it is pro-modifer since added pre will result in more than 1k damage when added in additional stuff such as target size/armor and skill modifiers?

I’m not sure, I did this damage test on my crossbow while talking with a friend on discord:
“around 33k[something] didn’t see
went to 34k500 ish with 1 yellow gem
testing 2 yellows:
35k500 ish
testing 3 yellows:
36k500 ish”

The values are a bit different from 500 (such as going to 700-800 on some monsters, also after more than 1 hit because Missile defense reduction and some on 300-400 range), the test was made on Svalphinghas Forest.

I am not 100% on this but… I have 90% Enhance Attribute on Retreat Shot which could make up for the difference between 470->around 1k. I don’t think it is added before the 1.5 modifier, if that was true I’d get around 4701.51.9=1.3k against 4701.9=893 which makes more sense, especially when multiplied by 3 gems (47031.51.9=4018 against 47031.9=2679). I would have seem some 37k+ damage while the higher I saw was around 36500-36700 range.

Sorry if my text is a bit confuse or missing pieces, it wasn’t a full detailed test on a single monster tho. I regret it but it was around 3-4 am and I wanted to finish my crossbow already, also it was before resetting my status points. I was too sleepy and anxious to test it properly, lol.

The only reason for testing was to know if on SR skills the total Critical Attack is multiplied by 2 or not, which seemed to be simply false when I added the first gem.

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I never said it doesn’t work for skill, I just took auto attacks as an example so it’s easier to understand.

So far I tested with aa only, I haven’t tried with skills so I can’t say if it works on these or not, but at least on auto attacks crits doesn’t increase elements’ damage and they can get increased/reduced by their other specific.

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Does elemental property attacks bypass PDEF?

Only on extra lines of auto attacks.

Could you elaborate further? XD

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