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Early access: Can I play without receive the TP points?

Early access: Can I play without receive the TP points?

I will explain: there will be multiples servers, so we need to play more than one to see what ping is better, and there is the fact that my friends will choose what server will play. If we can play just buying the Early Access and wait to chose what server to play before receive the TP points, there is no problem.
But if we need to chose what server receive the TP points without know what server to chose, this become a problem.

I know there is not much solution here, but help me just to know it already.

If I’m not mistaken you get the Early Access rewards in the mail in game. So it’s up to you to claim the rewards, but once you do claim them you won’t be able to claim them on any other server.

This is how the Staff members told the European players could save their EA rewards when and if they make a EU server for them to transfer to.

So I don’t see why this wouldn’t apply to regular players that want to pick a server.

I think the TPs wont be bound to any character/server, but to your account, so when you log in with a character and access the cash shop you’ll have your TPs to spend, doenst matter if you have 1 character in each server, only the product you buy with the TPs will be licked with a character in certain server.
At least it was like this in the last game I played

The Staff already told that there will be NO transfer items or characters/team between servers, except for other announcement that will allow only one transfer of team to another server, when free access begins.

But there is nothing about tranfer TP points between servers, like if its global or not.

I think maybe is that too, but I can’t find any confirmation of that.

servers are all in the same place, no ping diferences