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Does Lv100 Attribute Enhancement, doubles the skill damage?


I’ve got a question regarding this.
I’m not sure how it works with the damage formulas really.
But does Lv.100 enhance attribute of the skill actually doubles the skill’s dmg?

Not the damage-number that pops up on the screen from it, but the actual base damage from the skill.

For example, Frost Cloud Lv.5 does 643 attack.
So with its attribute upgraded to Lv100, the result would be 1286 attack?

Can anyone confirm?

Appreciate it!

1% per attribute level … so … level 100 = 100%
means from 500 to 1000

Read the damage formula in this thread:

Skill enhance attribute comes at the end, so it multiplies everything. 100% will double your actual final damage numbers that you deal, including buffs, not just the skill power.
If you had 1000 magic attack and used Frost Cloud against a fire monster (+50% bonus) damage would normally be something like (1000 + 643) * 1.5 = 2464 per hit. 100% enhance would double that to 4928.


Omg, its far beyond what i imagine then :stuck_out_tongue:

This is definitely worth Lv.100 :smiley:

Thank you!