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Daylight saving time maintenance messed up even more the game content schedules


Please imc ! Change boruta time to 7 pm BRT, because 5 pm the most of players still working :pensive:


My dear sore loser friend a lot of people work or study in different times, boruta time cover a wide time because of that if its only in the night time people work that work in night shift or study ( a lot of people) would miss all the content.


The most common working day is from 08AM to 08PM (8am to 6pm), the normal is to benefit most …
But that’s not the point, we’re more concerned about the GTW schedule …
Like i said, it’s not about Boruta time, its SERVER TIME.
GTW sesseions should start 20:00 BRST, and is starting at 6 PM (BRST) when the schedule is 8 PM all servers localtime
That’s 2 hour difference…



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Tell me dear sore loser friend where you get this information that most people of the server work/study on this schedule ?
And as I said before i can draw for you with you need help ,but if you log at 20:00 BRST boruta is still alive and you can join the fun.


IMC said that GTW would start at 8pm and is starting at 6pm … the other events are also starting 2h earlier, … the problem is not the boruta schedule but the server schedule that is 2h earlier as announced by the company.


Hey IMC, this is just people from 1 single guild. GTW and Boruta are full when they start and there are a lot of people that cant play at 8 PM. The current time schedule is great.


I’m not saying if it’s good or bad, I’m commenting that it’s not like the company announced it would be.


Please fix this IMC!

GTW is starting at 6 PM (BRST) when the schedule is 8 PM all servers local time.
2 hour differenceis too much!


Dear Sore Loser friend i will gladly help you now understand imc post.
BRST = Brazilian Summer Time.( they just showed the equivalent time at that day for the event, since it is bold as You can see i hope).
We should follow the server time that is EST ( Eastern Standard Time) and it is correct now, since they changed it because of the summer time.
Now what e need to talk is about people that is holding spots on boruta ch by remaining dead. cof cof Paradise

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Boruta and gtw are correct because we follow the EST schedule. Boruta has the duration of 6h to be done. If you really want to ask the community good for fair content, ask them to fix the limit of the channel’s players, which is low for that level of content.


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similar things happened to SEA server pls change it too


Gemstone Feud is now fixed on Fedi. Yesterday’s sessions were at 21:10 and 21:30. The only thing left to fix now is the announcement messages which have completely disappeared.


The borut time at 5 or 6pm is good. The content is extremely long, lasts 6 hours, if it starts too late, those who wake up early to study or work are also harmed.


My post is about GTW schedule, it’s happening on my state at 17pm thats way too early when it should be 20h BRT

For Boruta I don’t think there is a solution that please everyone because people work and study at different times, the content itself is badly designed and the schedule is also part of the problem and it’s not mainly about the start/end time, it’s the duration, how do IMC expect people to do the same content for 6 hours straight and not get bored/exhausted/burned out?


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