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Change? Spell damage descriptions. They're so opaque

Ok. So

The damage description for energy bolt lvl 1 is
44 attack

Literally just that. I do more damage than 44 attack, and not only that, energy bolt strikes enemies twice. The description says nothing about that.
Can we skills get damage descriptions that at least remotely resemble the end skill?

The meteor attack for an elementalist is
400% + 936

So what? 400% of what? your maatk? probably.
Are the spell descriptions trying to tell me that meteor is one of the only attacks that scale with maatk?

Also. for skills that overheat, it would be nice to see beforehand how many charges they will get.

It’s not easy to change your skill build, and the opaque skills make it hard to plan your builds ahead of time without making mistakes :frowning:


Agreed. All skills descriptions must be revised and corrected.

MUST HAVE in the description:

  1. Clear damage descripition ( how much does it scale with matk/atk, and base damage added ) IE: 300% atk + 950 or 300% matk + 950

  2. If the skill gives a debuff, what this debuff does? how much is it’s duration? if it gives damage, how much damage is it? if it gives bonus damage depending on a certain status of the monster ( IE: bonus damage if monster is bleeding ) how much is this bonus damage?, on wich type of enemy does this debuff works? wich enemy is resistant to it?

  3. If the skill has some special effect, like knockback or knockup, mention it. Also how long does the CC lasts?

  4. If a skill has overheat, describe how many charges it has before going to cooldown.

  5. Also the SP cost of the skills is not in the desciption.

For a good example, you can look at LoL’s skill descriptions and follow the model. They give a very well detailed description of their skills. Like this.

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Uh, that’s because Energy Bolt literally has 44 Skill Attack at level 1.

There’s nothing to change here. All skills do your attack power + a skill’s attack power. It’s pretty straightforward.

Alos Energy Bolt doesn’t really hit twice. It splits the total damage in two hits but it won’t benefit from any effects like blessing twice since it’s still calculated as just one hit. It’s just a visual thing that doesn’t change the actual total damage at all.

As for Meteor and similar skills, it’d make more sense if it was X + 300% rather than 300% + X, but regardless all the info you need for the skill is there.

They already mention this. If a skill is [Physical] it uses Patk. If a skill is [Magical] it uses Matk. Also, the description you just mentioned would be wrong because it’s really (Your Matk+SkillAttack) * 300%, not 300% of your matk + skill attack

Too much information to put into a tooltip as small as the ones that appear in game. Sure, at the very least they should mention if they have bonus damage against anything at all, but things like exactly how much, and which enemies it works on, really don’t need to be there. IMC fully intends to let the players find things out on there own. Even the quests arent handed to you very obviously with a big blue marker, you need to actually find them on your own.

They mention this most of the time. The only one I can think of at the moment that doesnt would be Mordschlag on doppel knocking back/down.
Duration though, that I can agree with for things like Stuns or Freeze.

This I completely agree with. Sure you can see it on the skill bar, but then you already have the skill so it might be too late by then.

It’s in the skill window though. And you can see the increase in there for every skill level before you hit the confirm button, same for CD

The descriptions dont need that much tweaking. In terms of damage the information is -usually- all there, and bonus damage not being handed to you on a silver platter is an intentional game design based around people “exploring” the game, and finding things out on their own.

It’s mostly overheat that really needs to be mentioned.

People avoided sadhu 3 cause nobody knew how transmit Prana works. I had to contact Staff_Julie to get some information and now sadhu seems to be pretty nice.

Some skill descriptions are useless and make skills seem really bad. Yes, every skill description should be checked again.

yeah meteor is clearly wrong. It works like (matk+1981)*%400 for lvl 5.

Thats actually due to a mistranslation. In KR it clearly states that it shares 50% of your INT with party members.

Not only is that poorly translated here, they also forgot the % sign so it just says 50 lel.

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I’d like to summon @Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines , please take a look at our sugestions :grin:

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The tooltip can always be resized to fit information needs tho xD

If you wanted to list everything some skills do in absolute detail, they’d probably clip offscreen lol.

@eternal dream

What is this

“skill attack” you speak of

because at lvl 1. i do not do 44 damage to enemies. I do more.

X + 300% and 300% + X
are both invalid equations if you take X to be your maatk. You do not add integers with percentages.

If you were to multiply it… e.g. ( X * 300%) THAAT would make sense.

And you say all skill damage is (Your attack power + skill attack power)?
However did you find THAT out?

So r u saying lvl 1 energy bolt has dmg of 35+44 (35 is your maatk).

You would do well to read this thread: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Yes, all skills are your own Patk or Magical (based on wether the skill is Physical or Magical) + the skill’s attack.

If a skill says “Attack: 44”, such as Energy Bolt, then the skill’s damage will be your matk when you press F1 (in your example, 35) + the skill’s attack, in this case 44.

So 35 Matk + 44 skill attack = 79 damage, not counting an enemy’s defense or armor type.

Also, energy bolt has a built in 150% modifer so it would technically be 79 * 1.5 = 118.5 damage dealt.

No it doesnt mention this modifier, and no it doesn’t work exactly the same as Meteor’s 400% (or any other skill that lists a %, like Stone Shot), so it being mentioned the same way would actually be more confusing.

Lots of people helping, a lot of testing, and basically stuff that most people would never bother with because it all took quite a lot of time. But the results are there and that’s what matters to us.


I did see that thread. It was very interesting :slight_smile:

I actually made this thread as sort of a complaint to skill descriptions. Because the findings in that thread do not match the skill descriptions I’ve seen.

And I’m not so sure that big formulat modifier is applicable to all spells. It may be for auto attacks, or for damage buffs.

From my experience, when I receive a thaumaturge’s swell left arm buff (which increases Maatkk), energy bolt becomes stronger, while magic missile does not. Which means magic missile doesn’t take maatk into account.

But magic missile is by no means has static damage, as increasing my int increases its damage. And when I equip a staff that increases maatk, magic missile’s damage is also buffed.

Which may lead you to think that thaumaturge’s swell left arm buff doesn’t work for spells. Nope
Because both earthquake and energy bolt benefit from the buff.

i’m so lost :frowning:

All skills follow that formula, no exception. Magic Missile included.

I have yet to find a skill that disputes it and a LOT of classes were tested, if not just about everything bar the newer R7 classes.


I see I see. Good to know.

What about Musketeer’s Snipe and Covering fire skills? What does 400% and 150% mean respectively?