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Cant go pass first screen and connect klaipeda

Please help me i select klaipeda, click enter and just see connecting to the server, but never happend, doesnt matter how many times i click enter

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same problem, this don’t help me - Known Issues - UPDATED (April 12th)

:laughing: push “enter” and wait 10 min

Same problem here, and my gf and a friend have the same problem, just cant enter to any server… u.u

Stop pressing Enter, the queue is hidden. Everytime you press enter you are just relogging in and moving further back in Queue. Press Enter once and wait I usually get in the server after 2 - 3 minutes.


For the first time i think music at the login screen is so goood. But now, after 30 min trying to login, it irritates me in so many ways >___<

True story. I clicked Enter and waited patiently. Eventually I got to queue.

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Announce in the steam guys, u should tap “enter” ONLY once and wait