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Cannot connect to servers

i tried this morning to login to my account after i played last night and i cannot connect to the server any 1 can help me?

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Maybe have IMC actually use an accurate server status box:

(Yes, this was taken during maint.)

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What I dont get is… This is EU server and they start the maintenance at 01:00 EDT which means in the middle of CMT morning. So the maintenance is going to last all the day… Why don’t they do it in the middle of the night? What’s the point on doing it at EDT night?

Oh gosh that Singapore English.

Maybe stop swearing? Both sides have their own faults for not checking and updating the server status.

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i searched all over the forums they ware only talks for the 5th server and all 4 other server status was crowded and comfy

IMC really needs to make a server status window that shows the real status of the server. That’s the thing that I check too to see if maintenance is ended on every single mmo, so color me suprised as I checked that but still can’t connect to any servers.

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is fediman affected? cant seem to connect to fediman too.

By the Announcement, the only Servers affected by this maintenance are Klaipeda and Orsha, so no, Fedimian should be fine, up and running, but it seems it’s not. Probably went down, and will come up with the other two.
The main IMC staff are all Koreans, so the announcements and such are only translations of the Official ones, Translators are allso men, they make mistakes.
The game is still in Beta, IMC didn’t calculated with an early release, they released ToS because Nexon need money. The group of Programers is small, there is a wall in the communication between them, and us (EU and US users)
Some said: this game will probably need about 2 more years to reach the stable state, free from Bots and bugs-glitches, balanced classes/system, Boundable Mouse Buttons aso., if it will live long enaugh to see that.
It’s like a Baby in an Incubator, forceborned early, but can’t stay alive without intensive help.

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Reading is a weapon.
(its up again)

ppl are so salty

We would like to announce the details of our

weekly maintenance

for May 3

well now only the 2 24 hours servers aint working so its all good

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