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Can we transfer only the My DLC pack? not the lodge / character?

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There isn’t Information to continue the character where the token / My DLC pack are claimed but not used and than IMC transfer all completely in one package before… so I play with New Character and Server Region where I belong… I asked by Sent and email to IMC support…
“Hi, Chloe.
We’ll be offering transfer of premium
packs soon so that we can handle everyone’s requests at once. Players
will need to meet the following requirements:
(1) You must not have opened the package or,
(2) If you opened it, you must not have used any of the items in it
you’re eligible for the premium pack transfer, please look out for an
announcement once we start taking requests. Thank you for your
IMC Staff”

before that I ask my condition is:
From : Klaipeda Server; Lodge Valkyzer; Character Name : Vionetta Level 25
To : Telslai (SEA) Server; Lodge ValkyzerEX; Character Name : Vionetta Level 66

and now:
From : Klaipeda Server; Lodge Valkyzer; Character Name : Vionetta Level 25
To : Telslai (SEA) Server; Lodge ValkyzerEX; Character Name : Vionetta Level 148

why inform “not to Open the DLC package when you transfer whole lodge?” Please Help with this Problem Sir / Mam… Thanks a lot… hopefully can be helped…

This might be interesting. I’ve spent 50 bucks that are now “locked up” on the wrong server.

I did not use the 650 TP
I did not use the hair accessories
I did not use the stat and skill reset potions
I did use the 60 day token
I did claim the companion

If this means now the 650 TP will stay locked up there, it would create the worst backlash/outrage of unhappy customers.

I’m quite relaxed on the matter myself I believe, as it’s a monetary issue for the most part - meaning you can spend some more and remedy it. Most players are not that relaxed with these things though.


Yeah… I’m totally agree with you… that means a lot to improving fun with “no burden” of what we spend… I think players and IMC have same miss communication, Player want to have fun and Leveling Faster, but with lack of info from IMC, we keep moving high speed to wait that will be transfer as they said before… Even not completely same perception:

(Player side: Yayyy level still up and hope they [IMC] will transfer that my pack and will fun when my level high enough but still help with my mistake that I claimed but not open the chest of DLC pack)

(Maybe IMC side: we will solve this problems with too many player that make this mistake, so we transfer all the lodge) very helpful if we know this sooner…

Just can’t repeat that time and play at the first server I claim that box, but transfer it to server I belong with whole lodge will transfer to region i belong…

So sad, that can’t used that we have T_T (Token & TP)…
are to Naive still hoping???

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yeah seems really weird to me as well… after all we paid money to start early -.- if my lvl 227 character cannot be transfered to fedimian i will demand a refund of that money… after all its IMCs fault for not opening that server together with orsha and klaipeda…

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I wont leave support alone untill they transfer my opened DLC pack.So far tickets ignored with automated message and 7+ days delay. IMC stated previously about partial transfers,and now they are trying to hide their own promisses by ignoring us . Such an exemplary customer support , bravo IMC.

Do you remember where they mentioned partial transfers/can you find a source?

This made many players to open their DLC packs right away.

From Steam :
We are aware that many players have been requesting regional servers. However, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot create and sustain regional servers based on the data up to this point.

This announcement.

This part made many players to start fresh team without hesitation,hoping to get their DLC items from other server later on.

So ether they should have been more specific back there,ether they should at least make and official statement about this exact situation that many players,including myself, are in .So far, browsing forums, i found many people asking for opened DLC items transfer issues, and not a single clear answer of what actually to expect.Seem like IMC is trying to hide from this question.

Thank you for finding those quotes.

It might be the technical aspect of how they could accomplish a partial transfer of the items from so many accounts. Hold that against the botting issues, RMT ect and I guess it was just lower on their priority list =p