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Bonus Items cannot be moved to another Server

“Keep in mind that if you retrieve your bonus items on one server, you won’t be able to move them over to the other server.”

What is even the point of this? If I can transfer my characters/team to another server why cant I specifically transfer the bonus founder items with the character I use it on? I understand that I can just wait until a SEA/Oceanic server comes then renew the items but I would totally prefer getting my items on launch and not wait for an undetermined release on those servers… That means YOUR bonus TP can’t transfer as well.


Because they going to sell it’s to you again on that server!! Muhahahaha :imp:

…That’s a joke… (づ◕﹏◕)づ

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The founders items will be in the mail system, when you take them from the mailbox on your character of choice you will be redeeming the items then and there. And tp should be account based, but im not sure on it, but i think it may be redeemed through the mail items aswell, will have to see in an hour.

Leaving them in the mail will let the transfer with the character. Forgot to type that

That’s not what they’re saying, they’re saying that NONE of those Founder items can be transferred in any possible way. Your basically paying for early access if your from another country.

“Leaving them in the mail will let the transfer with the character. Forgot to type that”
That’s a very undesirable method of transfer.

There might be compensation later on… or maybe if its possible to store the stuff back into cash shop then switch to another server… that worked in Maplestory

Really weird first they stated you can keep what you have in your inventar? so the founders items are not in your inventar or what?

I just don’t understand why I’m not allowed to transfer everything in my inventory.

thats obviously due to economy balancing reasons… a brand new server shouldn’t have a market full of level 75 ~ 100+ items that players brought over from a different server

Have you read the update on this?

I believe what you said is meant if you have characters made in both Klaipeda and Orsha then you can only claim on one of them. If you planned to migrate your team to another server then everything in that selected team will be transferred including the TP and Token buff(if used). Literally everything except items placed in the market.:smirk:

You can , check the other post regarding transfert , the TP and accesory and all is transfered

Isn’t that wrong though? It wouldn’t affect the economy due to the fact that all these Founder items are untradable? Correct?