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ASK : Guild boss raid reward


Hello there, i want to asking about reward guild raid boss, i’m new for a month in this server [Telsiai]

lets to the point, recently me and my guild friend just started raid boss mission lv10 Kirmeleech in viltis forest map, but after i finish the quest why no rewards come up. and then i go back to guild tower, check my tickets, and apparently my tickets still intact, unused one.

Guild boss raid lv.10

Guild Boss Raid Lv.10
Exp: 8000 (400 Talts) , Boss: Kirmeleech , Map: Viltis Forest

4x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
1x Practonium: 5%

then i try again, start guild boss raid lv10 again, and it turns out the same, no rewards upon completion and my ticket is still intact.
because I’m still curious, and I think it’s a bug, then I try guild mission raid lv5 at tenet garden map, and when it’s done, i get my reward and my ticket is used up

Guild mission raid lv.5

Guild Mission Raid Lv.5
Exp: 3000 (150 Talts) , Map: Tenet Garden

2x Guild Quest Reward: Mission: 100%
1x Guinea Pig Egg: 30%

and my question, is this a bug? or there is a chance to get rewards at each level?

thx in advance for those who already want to answer



It’s not a chance.

If people do not accept the guild quest, but then interact with the tower to enter, they are given the option to cancel the quest. If they hit yes, this will cancel the quest, despite the boss still being active and fighting people inside. If the boss is defeated, you will receive no rewards and the ticket will not be consumed.

Players doing the guild quest need to watch their chat for a message stating the guild quest was canceled in the case that someone does this.

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ic, your answers are helpful, I’ll try again to make sure
btw thx



there is currently a bug where the guild boss/mission is being canceled with no reason, especially Pantorex, after the 1st run is a pain in the ass to do the remaining 2 without getting this “Blablabla Guild Boss Raid is canceled”(we have to re-do over and over till we succeed to not get the error msg within the first 5 minutes). And I am sure no one clicked the totem to enter without accepting because there is no one outside when it happens.



We used to have this issue, but we’ve narrowed it down to people doing it every single time. It’s only happened once or twice in the past three weeks and we always figure out who did it every time.



look here there is your answer

very aswesome thread with all information



How can you be sure when you can’t see who didn’t accept the prompt? Unless literally every person in your guild accepts, this can happen and it isnt random.



Usually everyone who is doing the Raid is online on discord so we know the exact number that will participate and we can see if everyone accepted because there is a counter and the name of everyone who accept.
Also lately I am loggin two accounts to do the Raid, while one is inside the Raid the other is outside, if the “cancel” message pops up I can look at my other PC screen to see if someone who is not on discord or accepted the guild raid did it, but this is not the case, I also check if someone of the guild is on another channel by looking at guild tab. We are very careful with this and at first we thought that someone was canceling, but after several times it was clear that was not and this is happening even before we had the option to cancel. If I am not wrong the patch that allow guild members to cancel ongoing guild missions is new.
If this keep happening next week I will record on both PCs.



Just mentioning something about this. This has happened to us when someone accepts the raid invite but doesn’t enter to it. If we clear like that we don’t get any reward. Haven’t tested enough to confirm if this is consistent because after the first two times we made sure that everyone who accepted is in.


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