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An in-depth inquiry into cleric skills

This is an amazing and extensive overview on all Cleric classes, well done! This should be a starting point for anyone looking for Cleric info.

Thanks for making this guide!

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I got some findings on Gregorate:

  • Doesn’t work on installations and companions (tried Capella and Pears of Anguish)
  • AoE is exactly the same as Restoration, so if you have Paladin or use a Restoration scroll, you can see the actual AoE of the skill;
    Everything that’s within the circular area of Restoration around the caster can be hit with Gregorate
    I didn’t test if this also applies to the allies (i.e. they also need to be in this area for them to proc additional hits) that trigger additional hits.
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Which one? From shop or from Priest? Or both?

The pardoner buffs are now called Grace: … text depending on which of the 4 it is.
They don’t get overwritten at all.

It’s Priest’s Sacrament that gets overwritten by Last Rites. And probably vica versa, they are essentially the same buff atm.

Thanks for quick answer, you’ve done great job. :heart_eyes:

Small detail to correct, @Wurmheart .
You said discerning evil is a rank 2 debuff at your first post and, at pardoner analysis, you said it is a buff.
Also, how was the Kagura dance test? I’ve been using it at Boruta but didn’t pay attention if it was working on my guildmates outside of the party.

Edit: Also, Dekatos uses 300 silver, not 500.

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Gregorate work with Diev’s statue.

I’m not sure with your description on Discerning Evil

But my conclusion is you can’t extend until all extended debuff ended.
  1. Extend both Debuff A - Judgement and B - Immolation.
  2. B ended first while A still ongoing.
  3. Reapply B but can’t extend cause A still ongoing.
  4. Once A ended, can repeat step 1.

So imagine Zhendu 100 sec debuff :tired:

Press the skill key + press and let go off the directional input to target party members. Up is the first member, Left is 2nd, 3rd is down and 4th is right.

Somehow my heal did nothing when I press directional and let go. Tried many method but til today still can’t heal other. Any idea?
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did you remap your hotkeys? they added 4 new commands to use the new heal system but they are called move up/down/left/right or something, I had this problem too but I fixed it by doing some tests with the hotkeys option (I don’t remember the specific and can’t check now)

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I adjusted a lot of thing qq. Alright, I can’t try now but I’ll update soon. Thankss

DE is a buff, the list on top wasn’t entirely correct yet. I still need to fix a few things here and there.
Haven’t retested kagura yet, will try to do so later when I can snag grey :stuck_out_tongue:

Will also fix Dekatos silver cost when I get to pardoner fixes in a bit. Thanks.


Thanks, I should have properly tested pardoner with multiple debuffs …
So it just blocks debuff extension entirely when an already extended debuff is present then… that’s somehow even worse…

I haven’t run into any issues with heal whatsoever personally so I’m not too sure what’s causing that.
I am seeing the directional targets turning brighter yellow, which does indicate that it is registering your directional inputs at least.

You are pressing 3 only once right? Because it shouldn’t be healing yourself unless you do so.
Pressing 3 once and then press and let go of left should heal the 2nd party member for example.

I used to extend mastema for my exo. Got good success with mastema 20 sec normally last longest. Rebuild, judgement would be my indicator before I attemp to extend again.

If I just press directional button, my character only pointing to party member and do nothing when I released. I’ll check as mrfioz suggested. Seems the most logical reason because there’s no way I can’t figure out how to heal(I hope).

Oracle’s Resetting replaces old loot-set. It does not add loot.

Clairvoyance should show you all (I think) drops it gives. If no silver shown = no silver drop.

They don’t seem to work on “special” drop like Blessed Shard. They didn’t show up on Clairvoyance + Resetting, and still dropped for me.

So, yes. It is a totally useless skill if even on rare (Elite) monsters, it does nothing.

Only good thing about it is that it has a really cute line on female Oracles in Japanese setting (don’t understand Korean so can’t comment on that side).

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Remapping my hotkey finally can heal others. Thankss

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I’ve got few more question about Chaplain, so i would like to get help from you. :3
Does Last Rites scale from SPR? Ok, now i understand on SPR is writtin like MNA and it was confusing me. So LR scales from SPR.
I assume LR line same as Sacrament cant crit, but can Aspergillum crit?
I wanna make this build, but i’m still not sure.

Yep, it scales off spr as well.
MNA is just what it is referred to in the code, and data-mines those terms.

From :

pc = playable character I’d assume.
MNA = Spr ofc.
Which means it’s:

Level rate = (player level / 6.5) + 15
Base value = 200 + ( skill lvl - 1) * level rate
Spr modifier = (Spr / (Spr + player level) * 2) + 0.15
Holy property atk = base value * Spr modifier.

Or condensed into one line =
(200 + ( skill lvl - 1) * (( playerlevel / 6.5) + 15 ) ) * ((Spr / (Spr + playerlevel ) * 2) + 0.15 )

Last Rites, Sacrament and all other forms of Additional property attack extra hits cannot crit
Aspergillum and any other skills that inflict a normal physical or magical damage hit can crit, but are rolled separately from the hit that initiates it.

Neither effects work if the original (auto) attack is dodged though, but they do ignore block.

And skill point wise Last rites isn’t really worth it atm.
Aspergillum and Build Capella are far larger dmg boosts, so those take priority even when maxed.
And Binatio/Visible talent are also really strong, so much so I’d say max those as well. Though math wise they’re a bit harder to compare.

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I am not sure if Thorn Bleed is the same as other Bleed skills as I never really played with classes with Bleed. But this is how Thorn-Bleed works. They are approximations, but seems logical.

  1. Starting Bleed DoT damage starts at 10% of the first Thorn DoT (not enemy HP). If the first Thorn is a crit, bleed starts at 10% of that number.
    1-a. Not sure about the bleed increase rate. Seems pretty random. Maybe have something to do with crits? See second video below.
    1-b. Bleed DoT only happens every other Thorn DoT. Bleed starts with second Thorn tick.
    1-c. Total of 9 ticks.
  2. Minimum attack listed is Physical Attack of your weapon. Seems to take raw value, and does not take into account buffs.*
    2-a. Rod means absolute minimum Max Bleed you can get since Rods usually has no Physical Atk. Tested with no weapon at all and the Returning Savior 30 day weapon Rod. Had same bleed damage.
    2-b. Thorn: Enhance has no effect on max DoT bleed.
  3. Bleed rate seems to be “maintained”
    3-a. Based on my testing, Thorn ticks increases bleed damage.
    3-b. To expand on that, it seems there’s a hidden counter containing how many times Thorn DoT ticked. The increased bleed DoT damage will remain between Thorn casts. e.g. First thorn casts with no bleed proc, then second Thorn cast cause bleeding and Bleed DoT already starts mid-way instead of starting at 10% of Thorn dmg.
    3-c. This counter(increased bleed dmg) totally remained even after I left the same monster alone for 10+ minutes.
    3-d. I am not sure if there’s a limit to the number of times the bleed dmg increases.

*I used the Returning Potion thing (+500 ATK/MATK). It does not change raw MinATK (what you see in the F1 window) and it didn’t increase the Max Bleed DoT damage. Weapon buff from Squire increase max Bleed. Lycanthropy does not increase max Bleed DoT, but increases initial Bleed Dot since it’s based on Thorn dmg.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. But I wish the proc chance was higher.

Bleed DoT at max damage (see Phys. Attack).

Edit: It seems the embeded streamable video doesn’t have fullscreen option for easier viewing. Copypasta the url instead and fullscreen button should be available on their website.
h ttps://

Increasing bleed DoT.

Based on this case alone, Thorn did 16390 against 15799 Bleed (from 10% to 9th ticks only). Dmg increase ranges from 236 to 507.

Fake Edit: I totally forgot Lycan has auto-attack bleeding.

It does a totally different bleeding (different descriptor). Scratch-Bleeding doesn’t increase in damage. And maybe slower. (1.5 sec ticks vs 1 sec ticks on bleed? too lazy to confirm).

Honestly, this seems a little too complex to be a bug. Probably intentional, but with the usual bad IMC description and/or translation.

P.S. I was also playing around in Barynwell 87 after doing my solo CM. The Mutt mob resisted Thorn (with the “Resist” word popping up). No DoT, no immobile, no bleed proc. Completely resisted.

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IDK if it is already mentioned but Gregorate can propagate out of Merkabah. Merkabah 5 is OK-ish if want to take advantage of this interaction.

That being said, I am curious if Gregorate can propagate out of Pears of Anguish? Can someone check?

Ok, so I just did some testing as I decided to try out Kabbalist for a rank. Was appealing to me and I wanted to see how it interacted with Lycanthropy. After testing, it seems that it is noticeable boost for Lycanthropy (Wolf) damage.

You’re probably like, well duh its a 20% bonus to Max MATK. The thing is though, a 20% boost to Max MATK does not average to an actual 20% boost when your MATK range is used for your skills. In actuality its more of a 10% boost in MATK range. However the way Lycanthropy (Wolf) works, this becomes a genuine 20% boost to your MATK range.

To explain:
We know that Lycanthropy (Wolf) uses both MATK + PATK, However it wasn’t fully stated how this actually is formulated. What happens is that Lycanthropy (Wolf) uses your Max MATK plus your Min/Max PATK.

Based on my testing, the formula for your actual total attack range in Lycanthropy (Wolf) is:
PATK range (In Wolf) = (Min PATK + Max MATK) ~ (Max PATK + Max MATK)

For example here is my current MATK and PATK with Kabba attribute.
This means that when I go into Lycanthropy (Wolf) my wolf skills now use an attack range of:
24,973 ~ 25,760 (PATK)

God I love Theory Crafting


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Thanks a lot for this post, it really helps!:smiley:

Just wonder if owls can now be healed by Druid’s Chortasmata? As the skill description for Chortasmata says it works for allies but not clearly states whether Owls belongs to THE allies of this skill.:thinking:

I did some testing with Exorcist/Kabbalist/Inquisitor, specifically with how Gregorate works along with objects. Turns out it does indeed count both Pears of Agony and Merkabah as ‘allies’, but you can’t stack them together. The maximum number of Gregorate procs seems to be 5. So having both in the same build isn’t too great of an idea. Considering how Gregorate works, I think Inquisitor is the way to go if you want to really take advantage of this interaction, as an instance of Gregorate is created on each ‘ally’ near you, meaning that when you use Pears of Agony, it’s all nicely clustered together, wheras Merkabah spreads it out along the entire fleet of chariots.

but it’s not like these three classes don’t have synergy together…you have a lot of cute interactions, such as being able to use Judgement to turn enemies demon-type for Rubric, which in turn gains extra hits from Merkabah, and Gevura working nicely for God Smash, , Kabbalist garments giving you 20% magic damage for Exorcist and so on. I’d consider combining them if I didn’t already have an Exorcist/Miko combo going on another character. (though I may change it from Exo/Miko/Pardoner to Exo/Moko/Inquisitor after this experiment)

Sadly, Revenged Sevenfold does NOT work on Pears of Agony anymore.

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