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Adventure Journal Achievement score bugged

The bug occurs instantly after getting Achievement to Lv 4. My archer has Achievement 190/200 Lv.3 then after turning over the quest the bug happened. Bug also happened earlier with my wiz. Pls fix this.

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So do i!

Same issue.

Same here ^^
Since i first noticed the bug i only had 1 finishd archivement i dont know if its really happened on level4?
But hope it get fixed, gonna finsh some archivements soon^^

Mine as well

Same problem here…

@Staff_Julie would it be possible to get an update in regards to this bug?
Is it on the table to being fixed soon?


Just found out. It’s not only Achievement score bug but Collection score too.
May be every score will bug if it reach their level. (at some point)

Continuing the discussion from Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes - May 3rd, 2016:

what about collections? it bugged after reaching 10 lvl too. no reward, only minus.

yeah, it works both now. thanks.
buuuut, i can’t receive a reward) made relog few times.

Yup, same. Instead of a negative value it now shows 1xxx/330

They replaced one bug with another

Same problem here.

They didn’t fix the bug, but atleast they made it look prettier…

I have a similar bug :

My achievement score is bugged. It has more than it needs to level up, and it just wont do it.

yes i have the same problem, it has more points then it should have to lvl up. Why they dont fix this ?

I dont know dude :/, this really upsets me

I also have an achievement bug

IMC please fix this :frowning:

Mine too.
Achievements is listed as Lv 3 with1150/330 points.
Someone solved this issue?

Same problem here…

Any update for the fix on this? Or do we have to create a ticket?