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Addon's can IMC make an official post on what is and isn't allowed?

There are a bunch of REALLY useful and good addons and as far as i’ve seen staff has been approving of them in posts and it’s really hard to go digging around finding the dev post saying that it’s okay or not

can we get some kind of sticky thread or something that specifies what is allowed and what isn’t?

I really like some of these mods like the guild member level one and the fog viewer but don’t want to get banned if it’s not allowed to be used

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Continuing the discussion from Stance on addons?:

So anything not cheating or gives a distinct overt advantage.
EXP Viewer, Silver Session, Minimap Fog = Fine.

So far no one has released anything IMC would say no-go on.

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Thank you so much I suppose it’s a good thing that they’re waiting on release to make an official post

I just got scared cause i saw some threads about people getting banned for exp viewer

lol! Those people got banned for botting and had to reach for something as an excuse. :slight_smile:

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The truth is, IMC fears that appreciating/allowing all these addons would open Pandoras Box, opening a path leading to something IMC cant control anymore and with that, leading to more work for the staff.

IMC shows this kind of hesitation a while already in a lot of situations dealing with forces they are not used to. If thats a mob unsatisfied western customers, people giving honest constructive critism, or in this case, 3rd party developers without any ultirior destructive motives. Its a grey area they’re not familar with.

Thats why they’re giving the staff members here only enough room to just be vague enough to not tap any domino piece by saying, addons which are not harmful and bring no unfair opportunities against regular players, are no problem at all - not knowing of the whole dimension of addons currently existing in public or in secret.

Thats a dangerous topic IMC does not want to tackle yet, having so many issues waiting right before the door.

The sometimes unreasonable fear of being hit by a banhammer is by no means a bad thing for IMC at all, you know ;p

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