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A question regarding Elemental Property Attack

Is there any bonuses for Elemental Property Attack that matches a skill element? Let´s say I have a hat with Fire Property Attack ^20 in a Pyromancer. Do my fire skills get additional bonus damage (due to being fire type)? Considering an Earth elemental monster. If my hat now is Ice Property Attack ^20 (Fire and Ice both don´t have advantages against Earth), is the damage the same?


PS: I am sorry if this question was already answered elsewhere, I´ve seen a few questions but none of them touched in this specific situation.

Just a flat +dmg after every hit. It only gets a bonus/penalty depending on a monster’s element.

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So it doesn´t matter if the Elemental Property Attack matches a skill element, the additional damage is just a flat value that may be increased depending on the monster´s element. In my cenario then, using Fire or Ice Property Attack would be the same, correct?

Yes. IIRC it also works like a critical attack stat which is added to the final damage ingoring DEF.

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Please note that Pyromancer 3 has Hell Breath which gives a debuff that makes enemies take 50% additional damage from fire element.

If your elemental attack is fire element, it’ll deal 50% more damage (while other elements won’t) with that debuff.

Other than that, no, using a fireball with +ice atk helmet will work (almost) the same as +fire atk helmet. I wrote ‘almost’ there because you have to take mobs different elemental resistances into consideration (against a fire element mob a +ice atk helmet would obviously be better).

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Thank you both for the answers! ^-^

While your fire type skills do not get a bonus from fire type property damage, your fire type property damage gets a bonus for being applied on a fire type skill IF you use it on an enemy weak to fire.


  • 100 non-element damage + 10 fire property damage on a fire weak monster is 100 damage + 15 fire property damage
  • 100 fire damage + 10 fire property damage on a fire weak monster is 150 fire damage + 22.5 fire property damage

Matching element property damage to your skill element makes the element property damage better for monsters weak to that element.

Better said by dream:


Oh, wow! So it DOES make a difference! Thank you very much, Reilet!