Tree of Savior

You have silver to retrieve


Unfortunately I don’t have token, and I get this erroneous message EACH AND EVERY TIME I SWITCH MAPS!

Please consider removing this and only propose the option when the silver is ACTUALLY available, thanks!


I dont think that token has anything to do with it… just check market retrieve tab if u sold any item
that message pops even when you sold items on other char


The problem here is that without token, it takes 24 hours to get the silver once you have sold an item in the market. If you go to the market retrieve tab, you will see your item tagged as “sold”, but with a 24-hour countdown on the silver. The game considers that the silver is “available” as soon as the item is sold, which is not the case without a token, and spam a window every time you switch map. I consider this to be a bug – the message should only pop up when the silver is available.