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Wow, does some players really have that much power to ban?

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please screenshot the threat so we can all see.

If this really happened, Please open a ticket and send a screenshot to IMC staff. Impersonating or pretending to have GM powers is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. Threats like this should not be taken lightly and be brought to attention of IMC. I do not think they would like to see their good name run through the mud from some awful players.

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Yeah, a screenshot would be nice to support this kind of accusation

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maybe he figured out i made this thread so he approached me and telling me he was just joking??
well the problem settled in peace now between me and him
im not accusing him/anyone from that guild
sorry if this is like a good spot for your guild haters with perhaps bad intentions to roast your guild @Csiko
im having no grudge over your guild at all
im not even in top guild who always do gvg
and as i stated, im not one of your guild haters
i even bought that 400 package and yes i just starting forum like month ago
thats also why im not go blatantly share screenshot or go to ticket rightaway
i count this thread like a threat-back or what he so called joke to me
and i dont wanna be the bad guy sharing screenshot here either
because it seems like its good spot for your guild haters to roast yours
maybe if you are the guild leader, you should tell your member to stop joking around lol

actually this is kind of rude when i try to calm my self and not spotting one of your guild member behavior
im not blamin you over his behave as well
you should have just chill as well and dont start accusing people whether he is a bot because all he did in forum is just post,read and once in a lifetime flag because of disagreement

If the claim is legitimate and you don’t want to publicly post a screenshot feel free to send it to me directly.

no thanks
i dont wanna involve in this guild grudge wars
i dont even know you, those 2 guys above him and without csiko telling me he is in crevox guild (which i just believe) i dont even know him

You should expect a poor response when you are publicly calling out some person from ‘crevox guild’ with no evidence. Seems like the only goal is to cause drama. Considering you know Crevox by name it would have been easier and less inflammatory to PM him or one of us.

why would i pm crevox if he actually does nothing wrong? and telling him or asking whether can i use his ign as pet name? lol
as i stated my goal is to threat-back to him and see whether he is apologize or getting more j_rk
and here you asked me for proof in public when csiko here stated me to not to because it can create another havoc from perhaps the guild haters? and again i dont even know whether you are in the same guild or just another guild hater with bad intention cause you have different opinion with him
honestly i already stated that he apologized to me and i dont want to prolong this problem just to make a good environment for haters even in which i dont really care
and of course i know crevox, and all other banisher crow title owner cause their title is unique and they afk a lot in towns and thats all i know

So we can see who in our guild is making threats to you, if it actually exists. Even if someone apologizes for it, we would want to know that someone in our guild would have the audacity to state you could be banned for a pet name, lol.

Uhh, I asked to you PM it. You made this public when you decided to start a thread on it, in general discussion on the official ToS forums.

nope,i refuse because all those statement i already stated above if you even read it
i got what i want already since he apologized to me and thats it
i dont wanna make it into guild problems, its just between me and him
it just happens i use crevox name and the one doing empty threat to me is from same guild as him
im not having any bad intention to create drama or badmouthing any guild
i dont wanna involve in some guild grudge cancers as well
although i sent the ticket to imc with goal to ask can i use players ign as pet name, not to ask for banning him
if you want the screenshot that bad go ask staff

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its personal problem that happen to involve famous player from top guild (which often got haters)
its funny when he said he dont want to prolong this and you guys here trying to dig more dirt or accuse him even further

dude, you should just use my ign as pet name
its free and its gonna free you from this problem lol

Just opened the forum and saw this thread. I was completely unaware of any of this until now.

You would never get in trouble for using another player’s name as your pet name. Anyone can go read the rules and there’s nothing against this; I don’t have any more information on it than anyone else. If there truly was a person that whispered someone and told them this, then they’re wrong.

This thread doesn’t have any reason to exist if he already put in a ticket asking for a clarification on the rules. Regardless if the incident happened or not (we don’t know as there’s no proof), it would be a private matter between him and staff to handle reporting someone for it. Rampant speculation like this on the forum leans into accusation which is just harassment.


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i know that the one accuse me further here is the one flagged me because im still linger around here right when he flagged me lol
its ok i dont mind it
maybe you just need to grown up a bit and be pretty chill like the man crevox here

Post screenshot or fake

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I agree. A simple

is all that was needed here.

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