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Where the F is our updates?

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To be exact, 8 patches behind. I like it how they update master card without everything else. Already delayed Personal Housing, and now, updating the WBR potion without 3 patches before it and of course its in leticia. Cycles continues down to 1k concurrent player we go.

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oh its 8 patchs?yeah i saw the new tp box i was like wtf shouldnt some of these are in game?such as 100 tome page and wbr potion…they did update npc card and some minor changes to class, but we are too far behind for major patchs

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIB UPDATES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

It has been 7 weeks since the last major update (as we are now on the 8th week of Weekly Boss Raid). We typically get content patches every 2-3 months.

We are not any more behind than normal. It’s been the same schedule for updates for over a year.


Ayyy new patch, buff SR.


im waiting for the miko buff … pls IMC wake up .

I wish they would update us every month tho… It rly gets boring after 2 months…

Also I think at least they should somehow separate balance patches from other content patches and give those as soon as possible. I don’t think those require too much translations so I’m not sure why couldn’t it be possible.

Their bug fixing time is also horrible here btw those take as much as a major update… I don’t even know at this point if I should send in another ticket about chaplain or wait more patiently…but it’s not rly fun atm…


Do you have a update patch date :open_mouth:

Although We must appreciate the fact that IMC has been doing some really good events (arbor day +Fedi pot Event) .
But the lack of Important Updates for more than 2 months is concerning due to fact that the SKill and CLASS balance is the one mainly expected by players.
Delaying CRITICAL CLASS BALANCES UPDATES is unacceptable and frustrates players.

They say this month patch that is due will be the ARKS AND LEGEND SET ACCESSORIES ,LEGEND MORING VH MODE which only 20% of the playerbase will be able to do.

Also the Accessory Recipe Box() or the SEALS that are made available to many content
or The legend set Buff for smugis and other savinose set effects available to varna.

but right now ,the main problem is 50+% of the total classes are weak and unplayable…
So much that, players have put hold making classes and are waiting for SR,miko,Shinobi ,Matross Patch and others

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I totally agree with you. Typically IMC drops in major patches on the last week of the month. So obviously they will have it next week on the 26th of May, hopefully they will because I myself been waiting for those delayed patches.

I’m wondering when the Druid nerf will hit. If it’s next patch, then I’d rather get that one delayed…

we havent meet the quota of $$$ needed to get the patch


It’s not a nerf, Druid will get more stable damage boost in return for decreased critical rate boost.
Lycanthropy is just too strong with both damage and crit boost, which is why it was adjusted.
It’s still better than Zealots Fanaticism, which has the same damage boost but no other functions as automatic HP recovery, stamina requirement decrease for sprint, critical rate boost and instead comes with a recovery nerf.

If the developers were to actually nerf Lycanthropy, they would have to remove every other effect from the skill except for the damage boost, or the damage boost and leave the rest.

does IMC even have a community manger or something?Do they even hear about us talking in the fourms?

I reaaly feel like imc dont care about itos…or they dont even have a english community manger anymore. anyone remeber how long ago did a GM event came?

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oh man, we got nothing from class balance update
but our gacha cube already up to date from ktos


Ofc, costumes are the true endgame :tired:

usually with big stuff like new content they push several patches out in iTos at the same time after those content have been sufficient observed (buff/nerf gimmick and drop rate). Which judging by the fact that we have archistone shard this week on kTos that mean the whole thing with it still isn’t good enough in their eyes and thus we may have to wait even longer.

Ok now this topic is flaged lol

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