Where is the balance on rebuild?


So we suppoust to get a balance by the rebuild in terms of pvp and other plenty things.
Me question is Did u really think is balanced that a linker just need to trow 1 skill from invi them didnt care if he die or not he gonna kill all the time? THAT IS BALANCED FOR U?


If they cared about balance in PVP they would’ve made sure that at least the majority of build options is viable in both PVP and PVE content.

As it stands right now, few Classes with uber skills can destroy you in PVP while others are basically helpless.
Not even the general damage taken is balanced as e.g. Clerics on average have way less damage skills to kill someone in PVP than Non-Clerics and still deal the same low damage as other Classes that have twice or 3 times the skills.

As players are in general not as stupid as monsters and a lot of Classes move way too often, there is no way that less skills that can miss are actually balanced against more skills to use in your repertoire, as the chance to get a hit in increases with the total amount of skills available (as block and evasion are capped at 50% chance).

On top of that, there is not even a balance towards automatic targeting (e.g. the majority of Archer and Scout skills & their ranged missile-type auto-attacks) that is only reducible in damage by passive stats but cannot be evaded by moving/jumping (unless you move out of the target range),
which puts characters that need to actively aim at a huge disadvantage in PVP as their skills can miss if the aim is off or their evasion is high enough.

Last but not least, there is the undeniable unfairness of riding Classes that can attack you to stop you from chasing them (as all non-Swordsmen will have their sprint interrupted when being hit), allowing them to hit&run till you die, which is especially bitter in the case of Schwarzer Reiter who doesn’t even need to aim to deal continuous damage with pistol autoattacks.

You cannot expect any fair PVP if you’re at a disadvantage from the beginning till the end, be it through cc, status ailment, automatic targeting, attack range, number of attack skills,etc.

There’s just too much in PVP that was not considered for balancing at all, and the PVP players with the top PVP Classes in their builds don’t give anything about a fair environment that would take away their advantages.


PvP (at least TBL) is like 1000% better now than preREBuild, is really hard to oneshoot someone, te only real DPS that concern me is Inqui, the damage is too high and the area too big (not as big as Omni but big), and has good survavility with PD and priest.

Archer are not existing in real matches, IMC just took away almost all survivability options archers has and put it in scout tree (except for QS but is not too good)

Linker is OP only on the beginning when the other team don’t have good gear or bring a pet or summons like zombis in TBL (seriously don’t bring pets unless you are a mounted class), then with PDs and Cryos everywhere Linker is useless and a disanvantage when the other side have a Cryo (Joint pelaty count as melee hit so you freeze with cryo shield, same with electric shock but worst because the reflected damage just kill you), and PD is inmune to everything even joint penalty so the best thing about linkers is useless.

I’m not saying PvP is perfect (in fact is far for that) but at least you can play and have fun (not like before with inmortal clerics and sages onehooting everything offscreen)

Is impossible to balance all classes to be viable in PvE and PvP

Schwar can’t run in the pet so is really easy to catch them unless you are archer too in that case you don’t need to catch him. The only real runners are PDs with the pill.


well, they said that there will be a huge update about 7 march.
Lets hope they will address most of the balance problems


Is exactly as unbalance as before. Cause now u dont need the big equip to pvp now u only need to pick 1 of 4 classes to be over any other build


Yeah wish it but never happend. AIming is still bug but they spended their times on making a new stupid costume box. There r problems around the game like afk farmers that havent been fixed. Cause they give a fck about it. They just want to keep u the most time possible in game to make u buy their shet. Thats why we didnt get real fixes over the problems. They preffer to take away the content insted of fixing it like we got on weekends burning event.


well, 1 week for their announcement, at least something about it, i m just a bit upset because they are taking too long to make adjusts like pd mask and murmillo helmet…

Not to mention Hackapell :sad: poor thing was a burst monster on archer tree now is a weak spammer.


dont expect to they do something in the near future. We r talking about a company that didnt give a fck about problems. We could have this problems for 3 or 4 months more or probably they never fix it. Like hunter Skills.


To be fair the balance is much better now than before and they are hearing the feedback and adjusting things often, like the recent nerf to PD and the planned changes to CC in general