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When Will be the Alchemist class Rework?

I would like to know when it will occurs… IMC when release the RE:Build, put a note on alchemist about rework/modifications on the class at early 2019, but until now this class didn’t receive anything, right?


Hopefully when they start the next “balance fiesta”… Its about time homunculus having some attention.

It’s not only alchemist but you’re right.

Although after seeing their sadhu rework I’m not sure if I even want them to touch alchemist.

Did they even make it possible to craft homonculus again? I havent used my alchemist stone cause theres a dumb and pointless 10 day timer, and you cant craft a new one even if you wanted to.

you still can craft homonculus, all you need is a divine might on you…

But didnt they remove some of the required materials to craft homonculus when they cleaned up the low level materials? I believe they mentioned it, and that they would add a way to make it craftable again later, but i havent heard anything of it since.


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