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What's the point of new season server?

Is there any point for making an alt account for the new season server?

Is there anything in it for me as a returning player? I already have 8 character slots with 4 characters (most of them 250+ ish) Should I abandon my old account and start fresh in this new one?

I am aware I need to make another steam account and that this will merge to their respective regional servers. Just can’t decide if I should participate in this. Is this meant for new players only?

Have a chance to jack pot dionys/giltine wing.

Can you hit 100m per week? If no, you should.

If you are the one who are quiting every 2 months, this is for you.

Are the rewards really that good? Are there any tradeable rewards that are of value?

lots of anvil/tomes/materials/set equip stuff … 1% chance to get the SS wings/pets … if its gonna be the same as the last new server event …

overall you can pass a lot of stuff to your old account … or just continue with the new one …

will it be really faster to make a new character on this new season server? Wouldn’t it be the same since main quest will be the main method of leveling anyway?

Faster to level but not faster to gear, there is no economy on the growth servers, so you have to farm 100% of your own silver if you want to buy anything, and will be competing with bots. So if you don’t get lucky on drops, good luck.

If you are new, the new server is a good thing.
If you are a veteran player but will play all the day, the new server is a good thing.
If you use bot (100% free, no ban I think), the new server is a good thing.

Obs: it’s sad, but the bots are infesting the game.

I still don’t understand how it is faster. I’ve been told the fastest way to level is through quests. Won’t you be doing the same leveling routine in the regular servers? Does the exp rate affect exp cards and quest exp?

Also interested in what you said about having to grind gears from scratch. Aren’t the rewards for the new season server supposed to give you an advantage? I’d appreciate an elaboration on this since I’m not familiar with the rewards listed.

But what about returning players? I don’t have a max character yet and I only have a few millions. Will new players from new season server easily overtake me? What will I be missing out on if I think it might be too much of a hassle to log in a second steam account on my steam app?

the reason you go to new servers is to farm materials and pray you get lucky with the roullete thing … that’s all … then buy a token 30 days then pass everything to your old/main account …

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