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What I've seen so far (the old things have been forgotten)


Just as the title says,

  1. i don’t see virtov armor set being used or in market anymore, even other old gears (regard horn crossbow for example)
  2. Orsha had been a ghost town with less than 5-10 active players in that city. Luckily Fedimian have the Teliavelis merchant, else it’ll be 2nd ghost town too.
  3. GMs are pretty much dead for 1 year or more, i guess? Kinda missed that dumplings but hate it when they spawn boss and then channel crashed. This game is dead to them too anyway…

I’ve seen my shares here. What’s yours?

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Well there is no point in using Virtov because they introduced many better gears, unless they decide to use Virtov to craft new gear, but I bet they would rather remove the virtov recipes instead. I do see people using older weapons, but for appareance material.
On Silute server Orsha is not that empty and I think it’s more common to see people chatting there than Klaipeda, in other hand Fedimian is used only for Terriavelis or if some guild decide to make the city their point.
I see GMs patrolling for bots sometimes and thats it, it’s a rare ocasion if they decide to stop by and talk to players on the cities. I think they regret everytime the did stop to talk with players so they stop doing it completely, at least on my server, yes, I miss those sweet dumplings and fireworks too from the “GM meeting” thing.

I miss the /cardbattle system, it was extremely poorly made but at least it was something entertaining while we chat with people, they removed with promises to implement a improved version and we’ve never heard about it again.