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Weekly Legend raid and Uphill reset

One time legend entry reset, more like, two times legend messed up reset. Amirite? haha, so funny. xd

… i cant belive this .

@GM_Francis here, quicker helping you guys to identify the issue lelelelel. Delete if this isn’t allowed or do a better job next time intern-kun so we players don’t have to worry about so much.


u lied us twice???
what a joke

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I cant believe. another week organizing the groups to be able to make the content of the game and again that they don’t give us what they promise

You said exact the same 2 weeks ago… Outcome? You fail again…

so we having the event today ? or not ? cuz this become so awfull that imc cannot do what they say every week

guys, i noticed that when they say a specific date example jan 22 xxxx they will implement it on 23rd the next day … maybe we wait for tomorrow? if still not then they really screwed up …

IMC devs have a free weekends maybe a good answer with patch notes. The weekend with legendary reset IMC answer on weekdays.
Issues or problems not involving TP, Leticia cubes or cash contents, IMC won’t do it fast. IMCed again but not surprises, the same IMC as always.
I enjoy the game a lot but bad support since beginning.

For example, issue with weekend burning may 9, and “solv” or answer until may 11-12 patch notes and may 23 includes this “fix” didn’t work.

PD. “The third time’s a charm”. I hope…

ani new about this ? @GM_Francis

Be GM in this game is an easy job.

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Just mail everyone 10 feathers and 3 pages. We’ll call it even.


after 12. today is trans even number 3days in a row (thank you @miren.remin for correct me)
and yet still no sight of reset






3 days in a row with transcendence discount and without +100% exp buff… Nice.

Double the rewards because 2 times with the issue.
Tome pages, attribute points, velcoffer spirit fragment and skiaclipse feathers.

Players right now :
:bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

why you always lying??? why you always lying???

they screwed up … as I said hahaha XDDD i was also hoping they’d implement what they promised … but alas … IMC still on its bad habits …

three times if counted from friday.
old meme of the past :tired: yet still relatable



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