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Weapon Swap in PVP

If i am correct,
a 2h Weapon class(2h spear,musket,bow) or using 2 weapons(sword and dagger/pistol)
will be able to use shield while still be able to cast all their 2hand or 2weapons skills

For Example: in Team Battle League i saw a Lancer build(2h spear) using shield when but hes attacking he is using 2h spear with all 2h skills.
Also a Assasin using Sword & Dagger but when somebody attacks him, it is very low damage because of shield equipped in weapon swap slot.

i think this gives a very unfair advantage to them making some classes very overpowered and highly unbalanced.

yesthey can, but the moment they cast 2handed skills they swap weapons so their stats will change.
meaning they would have less defense (presuming he’s using a shield) during that animation.

btw how long have you been playing?

about 2 to 3 months…
i mean they equip 1hand weapon+ shield in 1slot.
but when using 2h skills in second slot… how will the stat change since u are equipping shield primarily…

at the time frame when you are casting the 2 handed skill , you will not have the 1h / shield stats.

However auto swapping skills do incur some form of slight input delay/lag that some might find unpleasant. You can give it a shot

the moment the animation starts ur stats are switched to weapon slot 2.

i was asking bout how long you’ve been playing because the auto-swap feature was introduced during RE:build patch around Jan 2019 and was extremely helpful for melee classes like swordies/scouts since some skills are weapon specific compared to other classes.

have you ever had that weapon set switch bug before REbuild, wherein when you weapon swap using a hotkey your weapons would be removed instead of switching to the other weapon set. that was very annoying.

yes it was an old bug where using alt+z tend to unequip weapons as well. For this reason, i have accustomed to putting the said equipped weapons on hotkeys instead of relying on alt+z .

Also , due to unknown factors , you can feel that autoswapping on a scout ( shield > dagger ) versus on a swordsman ( shield > 2 handed) is much smoother.