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We need a compensation in damage for classes that IMC promotes as one hand weapon classes with their unique raid & vaivora weapons

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“A stick should deal as much damage as a log.”

Ok. This seems fair and balanced.


Attack difference doesn’t really matter that much, until you realize TOS’s Defense Formula scales in logarithm style that the further away your Attack is from the Target’s Defense, the weaker your outcome in the final damage.

38000 vs 30000, a 26.667% attack difference resulted in a 46.48% final output difference on a 26000 Target Defense. And it gets worst when your Target’s Defense goes higher.

It is very crucial to look at this aspect when balancing it as having a root advantage is just promoting unbalance in the game.


It’s not that far-fetched, actually. A one handed weapon with no shield and a two handed weapon give the same exact defensive capabilities (as in, none) so the offensive capabilities should be the same as well.
Of course, if you do use a shield, then you shouldn’t complain about having lesser offensive capabilities. As you’ve traded them for better defensive ones.

I totally agree and I still add a certain problem that happens with my class - Sorcerer / Necro / FF. Summoning’s damage escalates with SPR and my Magic Attack, which forces me to use a Staff (14,644 MAtk in + 16T10 Varna) but launches a Vaivora ROD! I will lose 14% of MAtk (12,706 MAtk in + 16T10 of a Rod Varna) to use his ichor.

The game has been upgrading and making it difficult, but it does not adapt old and consolidated mechanics, of what use is having 86 Summoning options and they scale with MAtk / SPR and the summoning has a ridiculous bottom SF, forcing there to be only Ignas for Summoning.

Metagame is basically 2H weapons:

Crusader / Exo / Druid
Blossom / Dopel / Barb
Mergen / Fletcher / Sapp
Pyro / Ele / Tao

The scout tree just doesn’t use 2H because they can’t use 2H Swords

Did I miss something and Ranger became obsolete and Sap became the new trend? o.o"


oh man who made the text play the game? because what I’m seeing here is crying, because the scouts that use the sub-weapon to deal damage so if you buy with the two-hand easy, and a lot of class that uses one-hand to hit, it comes close to the two-hand

The problem was never the type of weapon…

Hackapell uses only 1h weapon, just for extra info.
Also, Templar is supposed to be Rapier/Sword Focus, but there is now real reason to use a rapier instead of any other weapon because the functional skills are for all weapons.

Scouts have more mobility/survivability than 2h users in general.

The Real problem is the PvE so focused on Solo play and dealing the most damage possible in the shortest time, killing any off meta build (that don’t do huge DPS) the chance to compete.

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There’s a very simple solution to this “”“problem”"" : add other off hand weapons that give matk for mages and atk+matk for clerics.

Same as daggers and pistols you get moring/misrus/skia/etc ichors that benefit certain 1H classes, or like trinkets you give them more generic bonuses that benefit every class.

There, I fixed it. Too bad it will never happen and these kind of thread will continue to exist forever.