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Victory dungeon patch?

Hello i check and see that there was apready a maintenimance to fix victory event but did u really only fixed the part that affect p2w players? There was 3 problems into the instance

  1. cant rejoin after going with a talt
  2. there r 0 rewards for free users since there is no 1000 atribute on market npc event (the only reward obtainable for f2p users)
  3. cubes r giving 10 fragment from 11 cubes

And u only fixed the entrace so tp players can go over and over and waste his money. But free users gonna have a patch too? Or because we r free u dont care about us? If u want to do this ■■■■ just go and put a leticia box in the fcking exchsnge medal shop. Dont make a p2w event them patch only the p2w part and fck over free players. @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia. Please be smart and not like the idiot u have answering tickets that say 10 frag from 11 cubes is the intended drop values cause he is just saying that is normal to set boxest hat drop trash at 99% and 1% to get trash too because getting a usefull item from this event is not even possible.

The event is bad, even if you put money in it, the best we can do is ignore it and use our time in other things like CM … Oh wait …

don’t worry imc is listening and they care about your trouble
but only if you can ■■■■ tp on a daily basis tho