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Updated Leveling Guide (Version 3.0)

This is an updated leveling guide (Re:Build - EP 11) since there are a ton of new/returning players getting into the game. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to level now but this is a guide on how to level efficiently and quickly.

As a reminder, remember to grab your new player or returning player packages off the event board and if there is any exp buff events going on, you can go get those too. Also keep in mind that you can change channels, so if you find that there are too many people in your channel map, then you can opt to change channels to a less populated one.

If you manage to play with friends or find people to party up with around your level ranges, the leveling process will become much more fun and less tedious. On a whole, leveling is super easy compared to the past now and its not a difficult process to level up.

You should be trying to explore 100% of the map to get exp cards from the Wings of Viboria NPC at the maps you are doing quests or leveling in.

Feel free to use exp cards whenever you want to. A good way to use them would be if you are missing a few levels from the next bracket range.

Updated Levelling Guide

Lvl 1 ~ 50: Start off by completing all the main(yellow/gold) quests from West Siauliai Woods all the way to East Siauliai Woods. You can then complete the main quest chains from Miner’s Village > Crystal Mines > Strautas Gorge > Gele Plateau > Nefritas Cliff > Tenet Garden. Once you have enough silver to get Blessing and Sacrament buffs from pardoners in Klaipeda town(usually about 1600 silver is enough), you will want to get the buffs whenever you want to level. Make sure you refresh your buffs if they run out by purchasing them again in town. Once you arrive at Tenet Garden you can kill the mobs above the goddess statue there, they are plentiful and have fast respawn times. You will also need to go inside Tenet Church B1 and complete the entire main questline there until Tenet Church 2f in order to acquire the Seal of Space quest item.

Lvl 50 ~ 114: Once you are lvl 50, you will be able to attempt the lvl 50 dungeon in Klaipeda town, be sure to use your megaphones brought from the TP store using free daily tp to shout for people to queue up for it or join a guild so that it is easier to find parties. Go to Feretory Hills and kill the Hallowventers there along with other mobs. Be sure to complete the quests in Feretory Hills, Mochia Forest and Sutatis Trade Route for some easy exp. You will also want to make sure to complete all the main quests in Veja Ravine, Vieta Gorge, Cobalt Forest, Septyini Glen and Gateway of the Great King, these main quests are essential for unlocking further main quests down the line as well as the gateway quest providing you with a gear box for your level. After this, proceed to complete the main quests at Ramstis Bridge, Overlong Bridge Valley, Akmens Ridge, Tiltas Valley, Rukas Plateau, King’s Plateau, Zachariel Crossroads and Royal Mausoleum 1f - 5f. Once you get closer to lvl 90ish and feel that you still require more exp, you can opt to grind at Sicarius 1f.

Lvl 114 ~ 202: Go to Fedimian and pick up the Goddess Gabija questline, it should take you to Fedimian Suburbs, be sure to do that questline and complete the “Old Story” questchain there for a gear box that well help you at your level. Following the questline will bring you to Mage Tower1f-5f in which you will want to finish the questchains there, then proceed to Main Building and finish the main questchains there leading to Sanctuary. Once you are done you can then make your way to Aqueduct Bridge Area and start the main quest chain there. It will bring you into the Demon Prison maps in which you can follow the entire questchain until Demon Prison District 5. Once you have done so, you may choose to return to Demon Prison District 2 and kill the mobs there, they are plentiful and respawn quickly. You will be able to grind here for quite a while due to the sheer number of mobs and the fast respawn rate. you will also want to try the Challenge Mode feature(lvl 100+) around maps of your level. Remember to go to Dina Bee Farm and kill the bees in Akasya Field and Rododun Apiary areas when you are around lvl 150+, you will want to do the quest chain starting from this map too for the gear box for your level!

Lvl 202 ~ 230: Head over to Inner Enceinte Dristrict and do the “Secret Trade” questline there for a gear box appropriate to your level and continue onwards to Sentry Bailey to finish all the main questline there until Fortress Battlegrounds. After that you can make your way to Alemeth Forest and complete the quests there. Continue on and complete the quests in Barha Forest, Nahash Forest, Cranto Coast and Igti Coast. Cranto Coast is also an excellent map to do Challenge modes in, be sure to attempt challenge modes in a party from now on(you can get party members from shouting a party link via megaphone). If you still need abit more exp to reach 230 then consider visiting Neighport Church East Building, it is a great place to grind once your daily challenge modes and previous quests are done.

Lvl 230 ~ 270: Go to Kalejimas Visiting Room and start to complete the main quests in that area. You can actually follow the entire quest route from Kalejimas Visiting Room > Storage > Solitary Cells > Workshop > Investigation Room killing all the monsters you encounter on the way. Remember to keep up with your daily dungeon runs of appropriate level and Challenge mode entries. If you still require additional exp to reach lvl 270 you can consider returning to Workshop and grinding the monsters there, it features a relatively small map along with a decent amount of monster spawns. If you are tired of grinding mobs for additional exp, you can also opt to start the sub-quests at Inner Wall District 8, Inner Wall District 9, Outer Wall District 9, Nheto Forest, Svalphinghas Forest and Lhadar Forest.

Lvl 270 ~ 315: Keep up with Daily dungeons around your level and make your way to do the quests in Khonot Forest and Stalcite Tehvrin Cave1-5f, then the back in time main quest from Stele Road to Zima Suecourt and finally the main quests around Pharmer Forest and Ziburynas Forest. Once you are done with that, proceed to do the main quests in Emmet Forest, Pystis Forest, Syla Forest and Mishekan Forest. If you prefer grinding you can also visit Timerys Temple which will be your new home for grinding and Challenge modes until lvl 315. Make sure to use up to date equipment for your level because the mobs will start to hurt alot. Timerys Temple also happens to be a great map for gem farming and silver farming. If you still require some exp, you can go to Inner Wall District 8 and complete the quests there if you havent done it yet and to continue the quests around City Wall 8, Jeromel Commemorative Park and Jonael Commemoratie Orb. If you feel like it you can also consider returning to Jeromel Commemorative Park to grind the plentiful mobs there.

Lvl 315 ~ 357: You can now start to level at Sausys Room 9, this is a great place to grind and do your daily challenge modes for silver, loot and exp. Remember to keep up to date with your equipment and work towards better equips. Complete all the quests from Sausys Room 9 all the way to Valandis Room 91, after you have done this you can complete all the quests from Zeteor Coast, Iotheo Coast and Epherotao Coast. Once you are done with that, you can go to complete the quests in Teresh Forest, Tekel Shelter, Izoliacjia Plateau, Narvas Temple and Narvas Temple Annex. If you still require some additional exp, you can consider returning to Narvas Temple or Sausys Room 9 for more grinding or Challenge Modes.

Lvl 357 ~ 390: You will want to complete most of the higher level quests in this bracket range for their great exp amounts. Start from Lanko 26 Waters and complete all the quests from there(including connected maps) until Barynwell 87 Waters, then head into Astral Tower 1f. Astral Tower 1F happens to be a great place for challenge modes with its narrow corridors forcing mobs to spawn in close proximity running towards you. Complete all the quests within Astral Tower 1f until Astral tower 21f then make your way to Starry Town. You will want to follow the quest chain here and complete all the quests in Starry Town, Feline Post Town and finally Spell Tome Town. Spell Tome Town is also an excellent place to do challenge modes due to specific narrow areas and high level monsters. Remember to keep up with your dungeon runs of appropriate levels. If you still require additional exp, you may choose to grind around any of the higher level maps in this bracket range or spam challenge mode runs with reset vouchers from events and from purchasing them off other players in the market(the profit from a single cm run is usually greater than the cost of purchasing a reset voucher)

Lvl 390 ~ 420: Finish up all the quests in Barynwell Room 27, Maven 31 Waters and Maven 32 Waters. Once you are done with that, go and complete all the quests in Outer Wall District 11, Inner Wall District 10, Outer Wall District 13, Outer Wall District 14 and Outer Wall District 15. After that make your way to Northern Parias Forest and complete the quests there along with the quests in Central Parias Forest and Southern Parias Forest. At this point you should still be around 10 or so levels off from reaching Lvl 420. You will need to begin field farming and keeping up with your daily challenge modes to level up. A good method is to use Challenge Mode Reset Vouchers to spam CMs and level up via that method. Recommended maps to field farm and do CMs around this level are Outer Wall District 14, Outer Wall District 15 and Northern Parias Forest. Be sure to visit the Wings of Viboria NPC in town to claim your map exploration exp cards as you should have been trying to explore 100% of each map for exp cards.

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Server: Klaipeda


Thank u for u this :heart:

West first, then East. :wink:

whoops typo’d :sad:


Can we quest to max level now? I haven’t done questing for a very long time, but I did a few saucy quests over the weekend and seems like the exp is quite high (went from 382 to 387, without using the exp cards btw).

you’ll still need to supplement questing with cms and such. but mostly yes

is grind lvling still a thing?
i went to tenet garden to kill mobs there using lvlup screenwide explosion and i cant kill them with it
i had cafisun ,cleric buffs and bought a lvl40 weapon and still cant kill them in 1 shot

from early level you can just quest all the way(main quests) along with supplementary dungeons/cms.

of course you can also still grind but its slightly slower than questing.

in higher levels, questing (all quests) are faster than grinding and super fast to level via questing.

unless you pop a huge amount of exp boosters and just spam cms.

is there a site to check what main quest unlocks other main quest?
i grinded to 50 and then went to veja ravine but had no main quest available to me

you needed to have done the nefritas cliff main questline towards tenet church


the old TOS base, can show what Quests are required for the others to appear , in case youll need it some other time. just click the quest in there and itll show pre-requisite quests.

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Better use to check quest pre requisites. More updated and easy to load.

I’ve completed higher lvl missions, except mission level 240 below. I’m currently level 389. How do I get more EXP to level up my Character to max level 420??
I need more lvl 15 exp cards. Or atleast a certain map where I can exp grind all the way to 420.

CM and dungeons are good for items and equipment but It doesnt give that much exp.

Then you must do something wrong… I’ve leveled up two chars since the last update that boosted quest experience and both have reached level 420 way before the end of the quest line (last even stopped at Barynwell 87). The key is to diversify:

  • do all yellow quests (they give a ton of exp)
  • starting at level 100, do CM on the map if you happen to open a portal while questing
  • do dungeons, but only when you’re close to the dungeon level (ex: at level 330 – doing dungeon runs when you’re level is 50+ compared to the level of the dungeon is meaningless)
  • don’t forget to explore all maps and reclaim the exp card at Wings of Vaivora if you have all explored
  • if that’s still not enough, do blue quests

You should never have to “grind” for experience anymore.