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Updated Leveling Guide (Version 3.0)

is there a site to check what main quest unlocks other main quest?
i grinded to 50 and then went to veja ravine but had no main quest available to me

you needed to have done the nefritas cliff main questline towards tenet church


the old TOS base, can show what Quests are required for the others to appear , in case youll need it some other time. just click the quest in there and itll show pre-requisite quests.

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Better use to check quest pre requisites. More updated and easy to load.

I’ve completed higher lvl missions, except mission level 240 below. I’m currently level 389. How do I get more EXP to level up my Character to max level 420??
I need more lvl 15 exp cards. Or atleast a certain map where I can exp grind all the way to 420.

CM and dungeons are good for items and equipment but It doesnt give that much exp.

Then you must do something wrong… I’ve leveled up two chars since the last update that boosted quest experience and both have reached level 420 way before the end of the quest line (last even stopped at Barynwell 87). The key is to diversify:

  • do all yellow quests (they give a ton of exp)
  • starting at level 100, do CM on the map if you happen to open a portal while questing
  • do dungeons, but only when you’re close to the dungeon level (ex: at level 330 – doing dungeon runs when you’re level is 50+ compared to the level of the dungeon is meaningless)
  • don’t forget to explore all maps and reclaim the exp card at Wings of Vaivora if you have all explored
  • if that’s still not enough, do blue quests

You should never have to “grind” for experience anymore.

In my opinion gold quests feel super slow. It took me about 2 hours to get level 30 just following along with the gold quests and skipping all blues and greens at that level. This is with 184% EXP too thanks to the event (though I guess that’s mostly for monster kill EXP).

Seriously, 2 hours and I’m still in the mines resetting those annoying filters etc.

Then I went to Tenet Fields and killed monsters for not even 10 minutes. I was averaging 1 level every 20 seconds there… I felt like a fool for doing any quests. I got from 30 to 50 in about 5 minutes at Tenet Fields.

Got lucky with doing a single dungeon and went straight from 51 to 61 in about 3 minutes. But the worst part is you need 2 people to do a dungeon which sucks. You should be able to solo them seeing as the rewards don’t even matter any more for low level dungeons.

Now I’m sitting at 61 and trying to find more dungeon groups but it’s taking more than 20 minutes…

Questing just seems mega, mega slow or am I missing something? The early on quests are just so back and forth… even the EXP cards don’t give you much. I don’t really get the appeal of questing at all…

You need to do the gold quests to unlock legend card slot as you get to higher levels. Certain quests also unlock more down the line at higher levels.

Thanks. Any way to know which ones are worth doing?

Depends which ones. The early ones really suck. After level 50 or so you almost gain a level per quest even in low level areas (my current alt doing the level 50-60 quests at Letas Stream is already level 110 – and at that point if you’re tired questing you can simply buy buffs and go DP for almost instant level 160-170).

That’s a wrong assumption. Once I hit 50 I went straight to dungeon 50 alone and got 63 in one run. If buffed you can easily solo dungeons now since you get the “solo” buff on top of that.

EXP cards are now almost obsolete. You will gain like 10x the card exp with the quest exp reward alone. Sometimes you will gain 5+ levels on one map doing quests and only 10% of a level using all the exp cards you got on the map.

Some quests like “kill 10 mobs” or “get 5 flowers” are really quick. Sometimes you need to use reagent on 10+ mobs that have 15-20s CD that’s why you feel questing is slow… because those make you lose a lot of time. Or quests that require switching to keyboard cos mouse doesn’t work. Or quests that require to go back to town or to another map without giving you the warp back…

Thanks for all of the updated replies. Now making much more sense. How do you enter a dungeon alone? If you don’t use the Dungeon queue don’t you get much less EXP because they give you a boost for using the queue…

You can make an empty party by hitting f4 or f5 and clicking create party. Then you can just click enter now at the npc.

Go buy pardoner buffs to help you with clearing it

Thanks I did that, but I didn’t get the extra EXP buff when entering the dungeon by myself… if I enter with someone else, I get like an additional 150% EXP but going by myself, there’s no additional buff if I just click “enter now”…

Getting to level 1 to 360 is easy and fast but when start to quest on Yellow or Blue quests to reach even level to 400 becomes soooo damn long.

I preferred the grind over questings anytime.The quest are easy but too long to reach level 400.You get puzzle quests along the way that slows you down a bit.

It’s a shame that there isn’t anymore dungeons pass 330 and that grinding is no longer a suitable option to reach to 420.

By the way I used up all my exp cards from Wings of Vaivora.

iirc extra exp buff does not apply when going solo…
you can try to shout for partymates (megaphone is technically free).

as for the quest exp, i’m not sure if you are aware, TOS has exp reset feature… so there will be times when you feel you will level so fast or soooooooo slow.

I knew about resets since TOS was launch but don’t remember all the levels for them.

Can you tell me all the levels where the exp resets?

from tos neet:
After these Levels: 16, 46, 86, 136, 186, 236, 281, 360, 390 (and 420, when update comes)

I hit lv 360 and still questing and it still feels like I need to be on suicide watch…it’s very slow and depressing.

Anyways,going to be long road with 3 characters around lv 358.

leveling here is so easy comoare to other mmo games… just do quest and when there Pizza buff, its time grind and CM… and dont forget the event buff during weekend…and trade event coins for 8x tome.but priority 1st the legend equips…