Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior Wikia/Gamepedia [Re:Build]


Hello, fellow Saviors! Remember the ToS Wikia? It will also go on a Re:Build! @ZeroTigress (known for running the largest Ragnarok Wikia) will hand me over the previous ToS Wikia and will stay as Supervisor, whilst I will become the Admin who will update it with useful information for players and non-players.

The site is under process and once its done we’ll launch it. The Wikia/Gamepedia will mostly be focused on Lore matters as well as linking data bases, official sites, fan servers (with permissions) and such!

Information that will be added to the main page.

  • The concept of Tree of Savior: the game itself and IMC.
  • Gameplay: Explaining non-players about ToS features and variety of classes they offer.
  • Plot of Tree of Savior: Summary of the timeline and crisis in the story.
  • A brief summary of the 10th Revelations: this will written as hints yet not giving any spoilers; we want to encourage people to read through the lore.
  • Main Characters and Antagonists: the importance of certain class Masters acknowledged of the Revelations and Goddesses’ whereabouts and traitors.
  • Goddesses and Demons hierarchies: Goddesses’ functions and Giltine’s henchmen and subordinates.
  • Communities: Armies (Kedoran, Ruklys, Schaffenstar), Pilgrims, Loremasters (those who serve Jurate)
  • Places: The three main cities (Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian) and important places (Fantasy Library, Mage Tower, Astral Tower, Tenet Church, etc).

An organized list where people can check the existing active servers, guilds and sites. All featured servers and sites by fans should be approved by their admins.

  • Data Bases: Updated and active sites where players can check builds, equipment and more.
  • Guides: Updated guide about Hidden Classes, Gimmicks, Collections, etc.
  • Gallery (on discussion): A gallery where artists can get their works posted (along credit and direct link); a special feature of Fan Art contests winners; a glossary of ToS Artists(?). Requires artists’ permission.
  • Servers: Discord servers separated in cathegories (i.e: Art, TBL, PvP, Guilds, Reddit, etc). Requires admin’s permission.
  • Guilds: A list of existing and active guilds on iToS that would like to be promoted (Klaipeda, Telsiai, Silute, Fedimian, kToS, jToS). Requires guild master’s permission.
  • Translations: Despite of English not being the main language of many, a translation should be offered (must be native speaker of such language and know a minimum of intermediate to advanced English in order to translate).
  • Content Creation: Independent sites, which counts with community’s contributions in Art, Role Play, Story/Fanfic writers, etc.

These are the plans we have for the Wikia’s Re:Build!
If you have any suggestion that you’d like to see in the Wikia/Gamepedia, want to enroll to get your site/guild/server, and/or enroll as Translator, please comment on this thread!

Let’s keep ToS alive! :prince: