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Tree of Savior Japan launched in Steam

TOS Japan server launched by IMC in japan on 29 Nov 2019.
i think it got 1600 concurrent players (not bad ).
hope it does not get negative reviews…


Yeah. It seems they actually got most of their stuff exported to the new server. They had some bugs with graphics.

I think it’ll do well. TOS would have done 100x better over here if they’d launched the game as it is now. A lot of bugs have been ironed out, the class system is easier to get the hang of, and they’ve actually made it easy to reset your build (which was one of the biggest gripes back then. If you screwed up – which was easy, given how many class/circle combinations there were, and how hard it was to get reliable info – and you were SOL, which made a lot of people ragequit).


how does it work content wise for them now ? since it’s not published by nexon anymore but imc, like itos, will they get the content at the same pace we do ?

i saw that the entire ‘game’ is region locked, i don’t really get why itos didn’t get a new japanese server like we have for several other region of the world.
It’s developped and published by imc, like itos, there’s already several servers running but they made a entirely separated new one :thinking:?

Yeah, 2k already.

I’ll clarify this a bit. Pretty much everything has been transferred upon request (confirming email, used with Nexon jTOS and transferring data to a designated steam account).
Team name, all characters, pets, equipment, costumes (including costume exchange coupons), loot, gems, cards, silver, TP (probably only event or non-event TP), titles (including unique event titles), achievements.

Maybe to make account transfer easier or to set different prices/quality of service for a better paying playerbase.

Not as locked as it was I’d say. No need to play through a VPN, just set Steam region to Japan.

aw i was hoping to create another account in the jp server if it wasnt that tedious to switch between servers any time ; w ;