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Will edit this post with what I have shortly!




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Paladin follower costume and crimson lenses! Now that I saw someone else’s grey ones though I wanna try those out, those look awesome.


Yea i wasn’t disappointed of the grey lenses, looks kinda ice blueish xD
Love your raggedy costume, looks nice xD


Thank you! I may get it afterall it’s like a soft color but it is still more vivid than the default ones. :slight_smile:


my best.



Here’s my contribution.

  • Terius hair
  • Black Lenses (I have Red ones as well but they looked weird not on my Vampire-esque character)
  • Swordsman Summer Costume

I just need a light taaaaaan and then it could be a Hawaiian savior.


how your screenshots look so good in zoom?


Because it is magic~ LOL :laughing:

Zoomy addon and sweetfx, buddy


I don’t have sweetFX, only Zoomyplus. That’s my shitty video card putting in some work, and I cropped it using Puush.


You sure they arent the black lenses? Looks alot darker then mine.


Nah, you’re right. Derped since I also have Greys. Lenses are a hell but I’m tired of the soulless brown eyes.


Normal zoom

Image resolution modified through 3rd party converter

Hair color: Ash gray
Eyes: Yellow lenses
Outfit: Pilgrim costume


Thanks for all the replies and help =) Keep em comming guys xD


Hair: Dandy Wave Curl
Dye: Black
Eyes: Violet Contact Lenses


people actually pay for such things as lenses? I mean, do you play your game all zoomed in? :scream:


Better than staying with the ‘I feel dead inside’ look.


Exactly.They obviously intended to add lenses later,in my opinion.The default is such an exaggerated lifelessness.I hated it and was quick to get rid of it.

I only have the red and black at the moment,but you can still see the difference even zoomed out.


Yup, they are a nice touch but the default eyes deserve at least a pupil. @_@; So soulless.

I <3 my heart ones though, for my sorcerer—she looks evil.