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TP Price raised

Hello IMC Staff,
@STAFF_William, @STAFF_Yuri, @STAFF_Bob, @STAFF_Amy, @STAFF_Ines, @STAFF_Letitia

How come the TP price for South America server has been raised without prior notice and not even discussed with players? I can’t tell about the other servers (NA, EU, SEA) because I don’t know the previous price or even their price has changed at all.

There isn’t many players at ToS (just check steam graphs) and most of the regular player-base are from SA server. Raising the TP bundle’s price is really greedy - specially at SA server where many players spend lot of money every single month. As for you that may not know but the balance USD/BRL is around 1 USD to 4 BRL and a 50 BRL increase is too much to afford when buying more than one package (900 TP) each month.
For NA players think about 12.5 bucks more (at the very least) to TP packages. Would you pay this new price?

Please reconsider this increase.

Best regards,


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no need to increase since server instability and various bugs still appear game still Beta

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And I was thinking about buying the 30 TP bundle.

EU has always been really expensive


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Dear imc, your game increasingly has fewer players, your company has been lacking in many aspects, numerous bugs found in the game, servers that fall without explanation, and you still raise the price of tps without any explanation? I, as a player who likes to spend on the game, refuse to buy something from you again if you don’t take action on it, if you don’t want to go broke, listen to your players! Em geral, pelo amor de deus, vamo baixar isso né imc!


Why raise the price of tp, since the game has not even come out of beta? LOL
Luckily I stopped spending on this ridiculous game 5 months ago already: D

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woah, prices went up by 25%

good job IMC, now I will not buy TP again


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i used to buy tp monthly, 25% raise together with golden pig gacha, well im not buying tp unless they undo this raise, this is too much even for IMC standards.

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@STAFF_Yuri , @STAFF_Bob, @STAFF_William , @STAFF_Amy , @STAFF_Ines, @STAFF_Markim , @STAFF_Letitia

Where are you?

Hey guys, we’ve posted an announcement with regards to the issue.

Thats pretty low, not because the price went up but because there was no “heads up” for it so people who wanted to buy some at older price would have time to do so

cmon guys, you know you will buy TP the next time once IMC launch a weeabo pretty anime girl costume promo


~How disappointing ~
* Sights *

There is a new post just to say what everyone already knows? And how about the policies regarding a “market research” when setting prices?

I mean if you need more money from us to keep server online just lower the tp price to be affordable for everyone who enjoy the game. Keeping the same TP amount in bundles and just raising the price isn’t really cleaver. What about a balance between players and company? If raise price give a raise on TP amount at every single bundle.

Also raising the price according to US Dollars as you may know will impact on every region that do not use USD as main currency making that unaffordable for many players from different regions.

Really I just don’t get it. Instead of doing a good merchandise/advertisement and investing really hard to get back the international players that the game have lost in the past 3 years. The solution is just to raise the price and let the players to deal with it? I mean there are several options such as doing a limited-time discount TP offers or even in-game discount at fashion content such as lenses, wigs, dye (wigs for God’s sake) or how about a great new gacha for a reasonable price featuring items that almost every player use on daily basis.

No offense but the TP raising would only be ok for us if the company seeks to fix bugs/glitches and treat us seriously (e.g. When we open a ticket describing a bug share prints, videos and other kind of sources. At the very least we hope that someone will reply without saying “please make a video and take screenshots” as the robot do).

Being honest it doesn’t seems that IMC company has treat us seriously. Since we still have bugs and glitches since 2nd closed beta that haven’t been fixed until now, 3+ years later. How about the Gemstone Feud timed message across the server at the wrong time? Don’t even get me started at the freaking non-friendly features that lacks on this game. e.g. We can’t help a rookie player by giving a few potions and some gears (like a simple primus weapon) since there is a 7-days restriction. We can’t gift another player using our TP (giving a token to a friend sometimes is handy and needed).

Oh and btw here follows a screenshot of the new goddess cube with a mistyping error.


All we are asking is a balance between company and players. Please, I beg you, listen to your own community.

Best regards,

Note: Sorry for my poor english skills since english isn’t my main language. And I hope by any means that you don’t take me as an aggressive/disrespectful person. Just a frustrated player.


This kind of thoughts that feed the company to be more greedy and don’t listen to their own community. Also, there is no need to “launch a weeabo pretty anime girl costume promo”. The Lucky Golden Pig Egg has been placed at Goddess Blessed Cube by a reason. That’s not just a coincidence, got it? :wink:

I’m mad, really mad, someone need to do something about this.

Will you punish these players? @STAFF_Bob

This is not just an exploit but also a theft.


도대체 뭐야?

Hey there @wYuuki

We have not raised the prices to fit US Dollars. The prices had always been set to US Dollars but there has been a sudden decline in currency rates for some regions and the prices had to be adjusted accordingly. This was very out of the blue and happened about a week ago and we had to make these adjustments for the affected regions or else it would have not been fair to other regions that are not affected by this change.

Hello, @Sanda

The Goddess Cube issue has bee resolved for good as of currently speaking and there will be no more free bonus cubes for any more players. We are checking the logs at the moment to see if there are any players that have abused the situation to an extreme degree and actively hunting them down to punish them. We will be looking at the players in your video as well thank you for your report.

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