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ToS Community Server:
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Hello Saviors! We are glad to promote once more our Discord server to everyone who is interested in forging and shaping our large community. What do we have to offer that others can’t?

• Over 390-420+ active members (at all times.)
• Over 2700 registered members (Members)
• Reddit Certified. (Reddit)
• Open voice chats/channels (They are not locked.)
• Open community for everyone (No need to separate people.)
• Multiple channels for your gaming experience.
• Streamers supporting/promoting our server (Live streamers, not MorphVox streamers.)
• Good standards with international communities (Popolion, ToS International.)
• Our own personal bot made by our developers (RubyX.)

We are not saying we are the only community out there, but we are well-known. We don’t need to go around raiding other communities to keep the competition striving because the competition comes to us. Are you doubtful?

Our People

Our Creativity

Our Development

Interested? Join us! Discord Code: VXJu6T5

Best regards,



Bad news ! :sweat_smile:

It says “The instant invite is invalid or has expired

Or is it just me ?


Sorry about that. Will post it again!


I have a strong sense of Deja u :unamused:


Why do you say that? :open_mouth:
Share it with us!

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What happened to the previous discord server? Wondering just for future reference.

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The other link expired.

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OMG!!! Discord! It’s so amazing, I love it!

I am gonna join :slight_smile:

I am so excited for the game comming out tomorrow! What server is everyone playing at???

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I’m going for Klaipeda!

In the end I played in Orsha Server xD Started at Klapipeda though!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG Tenet Church is so laggy though :cry:

We should play together sometime! I joined your server :slight_smile:

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OMG, so crowded! @.@

Hey, so how is the server going? I have been so busy I barely have the time to check in >.<

I hope atleast everyone is enjoying the game!

Like, OMG, f2p release is so close around the corner!!!

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Still going great ! <3

Mostly active in-game but I suppose we should spruce it up on the forums as well xD

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OMG Liz!
Definitely. We welcome everyone, regardless of servers or subcommunities.


Deserves a bump it’s been awhile :blush::robot::kissing_closed_eyes:

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OMG Liv I haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks for bumping!

Wow i haven’t been around here for quite some time :sweat_smile:. but our discord community have really grown larger huh :blush:

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Right? I remember when it was really small!

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Omg Luna almost at 2000 members :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know! It has been quite the ride. I thank everyone for their support and for making this their main community.