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TOP 10 Boruta World Ranking Record

Hello Saviors,
Let’s record Boruta World Ranking Record?
Record here you guild best time on Boruta Mission!!
I will put the TOP10 Guilds/Times on a list!

  1. young&naive (Teslai) 07min 55sec
  2. Paradise (Silute) 08min 30sec
  3. Melody (Klaipeda) 10min 00sec
  4. Rebellion (Teslai) 10min 05sec
  5. Impetus (Klaipeda) 11min 00sec
  6. Yorozuia (Klaipeda) 11min 55sec
  7. Australe (Silute) 12min 15seg
  8. Dynasty (Klaipeda) 13min 20sec
  9. Skyline (Silute) 13min 55seg
  10. Maid Café (Feidimian) 14min 10sec

Congratulations :smiley:

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Any info from another servers?

Telsiai is bugged this week. There was a ranking announcement, however there were no guilds included. :man_facepalming:



[Telsiai] Eminence guild

I will change this to “Boruta best times ever”, is easier to make it updated


Meanwhile telsiai ranking is still bugged. @STAFF_Bob Please help us. :bowing_woman:


When next kToS patch hits us with all those skill buffs, I bet those times will improve drastically. Poor Boruta… :frowning:

meanwhile in telsiai, 2nd week

still no ranking & reward, @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri please resolve this issue


your Ranking makes no sense since it doesn’t reflect the number of people participating

I dont care about number of people participating.

Cough. It’s yorozuya please fix



he stopped updating the ranking because his guild is not taking top 1on silute, joke.

I’m impressed with the kill in 12 minutes. Just out of curiosity, that’s how many guild members participating each week?

40 dievs :upside_down_face:

In fact my guild have the best time record for silute.
I will update soon guys, little busy now