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The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab


You put it like you need a huge amount of weeks (maybe a month) to farm points for a class change, when in reality you might have enough points in 2 weeks or less (it depends on your resources) for 1 class change. And it is not like those contents are a waste, they are part of the endgame content that can give you silver/equipment. You can keep on developing your character and farm those points. If you don’t want to do that, then pay, this is how mmorpg industry have been for a long time.

For the class points being bugged: maybe we gonna start seeing those bugs now because we just left a moment we didn’t need to farm for them. Time to report what we see now.

About the Tree of Alts and the same argument of Blessed Shards / Gems that everybody does: yes, you have better options to farm shards/gems other than keep on doing saalus with more than 3 characters for just 1 shard each. This has been prooved several times in different threads here in this forum.


And they did it when there are only a few attributes per class cough SR - Linker- Enchanter


@Heavenpiercer Better late than never :joy_cat:

As you said, it depends on the class.

Even if it’s a month, having your main toon stuck into an useless state, it’s still better to quit for a month since when you get back you get a rank reset voucher and the “returning savior pack”.

At the end of the day, nothing changed in that sense.

Still, for the first 3 toons you get 9 shards (or some gems if you’re lucky).
You can’t really say that “Tree of alts” is gone if one of the other options is full RNG (farming elites) and the other gives you 1 blessed gem and half/day at best (and if you manage to play it due to the crashes).

Not doing Saalus with at least 3 toons means losing 270 blessed shards/month+/- (or 27 blessed gems, or 59400000 silver).


Anyway, the Tree of Alts subject is not the main point of this thread.

About the choice of staying away from the game 30d instead of change 1 class at a time in 1 week more or less, that is a personal choice. If you want it, then go for it. As I mentioned, even a bad DPS combination can still farm those points, and I’m not even counting that you are doing Raids/ET/Velcoffer. It looks like only a FS character, even if well done, might have some hard time with it.


I remember messing up one of my classes on a char, then deleting it and starting again. It amazes me that a few months ago the only ability to reset your class was to wait and pray for an event, and now we have this discussion.

ToS is a free to play game, and as such their best form of getting money is to set up grindy features and allow people to pay to speed it up (like exp tomes being in the TP shop). Seeing that we already had a rank reset event, there will be more in the future, so if you hate this system and feel like it’s a grindy cash grab, then you can pretend it’s the old system and wait for an event. I like that after every single change that is an improvement on a non-existent system people will complain. If you don’t pay or grind for something in a free to play game, then wait are you expecting? Things in life are not free.

In terms of “ninja nerfing” cors, while that has nothing to do with the title of the topic, I will humour you. I don’t see how making passive that did nothing in rebuild (due to a bug) now give silver being a nerf. Now that they moved cors to a red damage class and it is no longer a green support class, it is natural it would lose any non-dps related utility. Note that in Re:Build - FAQ 3 they only talked about skills, not attributes. We didn’t see all the reti’s complaining about the system when they lost the heavy net attributes and wasn’t directly informed so.

You’re also complaining on the forums. We have people translating the KR updates for you at this point. If for some reason you had issue reading the Ktos thread, hopefully this whole situation has taught you to stay educated or get caught off guard.


I think I covered those options too and gave (imho) valid reasons as not being efficient enough to abandon Saalus farming with 3 toons.

If a toon you play with needs a class change, I doubt it can be used to do ET/Velcoffer, maybe just raids.

Yes, it’s a personal choice to stay away for 30 days (if IMC doesn’t remove that option), but many took that road and I don’t think it’s healthy for the game’s population.

Another option is to delete and start from scratch, saving equip in storage and extracting attribute points.
It still takes less time than farming class points.

I will humour you too: a decent company would fix a bug, not remove a function just to not fix it.

There we go again!
The patch note about pillage change was released on 1/24, re:build was released on 1/15, people can’t read something when it isn’t available.



No, I said there are better ways than doing saalus with more than 3 characters and you calculated around the 3 characters minimum, what I agree is profitable. Please, read again:

See? You can find other ways outside farming points and spending real money. You already said: 30d away for a reset, or redo your character from scratch. Or you can start doing the Class Change Points farming. As I said, it is not a thing you have to do every month and fit in your basic game routine forever. You grab them, change to the classes you want, and you are suposedly done. Once a balance patch arrive, IMC will give you free points. Systems have room for improvement? Always. Is it bad right now? Besides the bugs people are finding, no. It looks like a fine and very deserved ingame free option.

I love when people use the “everybody does” statement. Imo its very vague. Who is everybody? How many people are everybody? What is the impact that “everybody” does? You are being too generalistic with this.


Sorry, my bad. You are right, and I agree in the case of more than 3 alts.

Sure, there are band-aids for everything and I never said anything different, but they’re not a proper solution.

In my opinion having a free option to farm points is fine, but the tediousness it came with makes it a garbage option compared to the workarounds.

Fact is, this game forces you to look for workarounds for everything and that’s what’s not acceptable.

Since this is a reply to me, I have to ask you: when did I write “everybody does”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can’t understand how these content can be tedious (besides Fishing and ET, that I do but find them very tedious):

They are mostly endgame content that you might do them anyways, farming those class change points or not. You will gain more than just Class Change points out of it, it can be very rewarding. If you find those activities tedious, then your problem might be with game content in general, not the Class Change Points system.

Yes, depending on the character build and equipment, you can’t do raids and legend gear content, but you still have other options. This situation (equipment/build) might be too specific for a system to predict or even to consider when planning it (although I think they did, putting instance dungeons, mercenary and daily quests).

You didn’t use those specific words, but you use a generalistic argument to justify your point, probably not knowing how many people are those you use as a justification. I agree it is not a healthy road, but you can use any other road you have said, including farming those points.


I’m surprised that you guys are taking this thread seriously


That’s what I consider tedious (since re:build).


I don’t have a specific number, but I know several players that used to do it.
You can also search the forums as when it was introduced people complained that they felt pressured into taking a pause to reroll, some were happy.


Then you don’t have to do them, unless you want those points. And even if you find them tedious, I will bring back my points of: this is not a thing meant to be done over and over again, you get your points and you are done; these content can reward you stuff other than those points; you have other options as paying for it, restarting your character from scratch, wait for an event/balance patch - as we’ve been doing until re:build - or taking your 30d break.

I feel like I’m going around with you, cause you ignore previous points when you reply. You have options to fix your character that might not be as you like, but apparently none of them are good enough if not giving you a full change everytime you need it. All that I still have to say to you is: have fun (and read previous replies, but without selective reading).


Damn, I thought we were talking about people needing to reset a class.

I think it’s you who are ignoring my point and keep repeating “there are workarounds”:

By the way, I predicted this outcome two years ago:


Yeah xD

Me 3 years ago “I don’t want any kind of rank resets, they just feel like official cheats that are completely unnatural to the games regular gameplay and change the whole thing from roleplaying to sandbox… only way I’d like being able to change classes was if it was a permanent feature that required you to be active in the game or something…but that isn’t possible since they’d have to rework how classes work in the game, which is unlikely at this point of development”

Me 3 years later “holy ■■■■ they reworked the whole class system and implemented rank resetting as a permanent game mechanic that requires you to play the game to make use of”

Like I’m legit amazed at the progress, while people are bitching about literally anything that’s implemented or changed, unless they would flat out turn TOS into a sandbox-game without a cash shop.


->Posting walls of text when you can summarize everything with a minimum of 1 sentence
“They already gave us permanent reset feature so stop whining like a spoiled brat/autist”


Personally speaking, I’m farming points to reset 2 classes of my main and I found out just 2 problems.

1- The bug on dungeons that somebody already pointed out.

2- If your char is supp, undergeared or rly screwed it becomes much more difficult to farm those points (Mercenary Missions and Dailies, I’m looking at you)

I think, on the other side, that the shop vouchers and points are way too expensive. But this is IMC losing an opportunity to make money, nothing else.