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The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab


But I know that, read my first post ITT in case you missed it.

It’s a bit early for thinking we won’t have a choice other than farming or buying class points because we just got a free class point event. We got many rank resets last year when they introduced big class changes, so I don’t think they’ll go back on that. When we get new rework patches, they’ll probably give us some way to change our builds even if it’s just a 1000 class point voucher. If they don’t, well then they’re just asking for an uproar.

Like you said, the change to Pillaging is just an example. The advice to be up to date with the upcoming patches from kTOS still stands, because it’s important to know when a class will be changed beforehand. In the case of Corsair, it wouldn’t change the outcome of your choice. You’d still choose that class for Pillaging and you’d regret it later on.



You made a conjecture, I never take them as facts, even more knowing IMC’s history of failures to deliver.

But it happened that they changed (ninja or not)/nerfed classes without giving any rank reset.
Do you remember when people had to quit for 30 days just to reroll?

That’s why I think that @MrFioz is right about this class change system.

And I always disagreed with this too, altho I keep myself updated.

People shouldn’t be forced to read kToS thread nor know what happens in KR and you’d realize that many players do not even read the forums.

IMC should issue proper, updated patch notes.

Fact is, if they did proper QA they’d have known that pillage wasn’t working and they should’ve written in the notes how they wanted to fix it.

If they did, I wouldn’t have changed to scout.

Never said anything different, I always thought that re:build is a huge pile of crap.


Do they still give rank reset vouchers if you don’t play for 30 days?
If that’s the case, nothing will really change.


Why do I bother playing PvP in the game when forums exist?


They’re the true tos end-game.


Loving this topic, please keep fighting!

@topic I still think it’s easier to just make a new character in case you screwed up, just my opinion (don’t attack me, I’m not PvP open ;O)


At least i discovered that you can do uphill solo 10 times/week and just afk for 2-3 min untill you fail it, you still get the points.

But the 5 points from token don’t work, also the 10 points from dungeon runs seems buggy, sometimes I get them sometimes I dont


Im curious what mmos let you respec your build for free? Cause you said imc should let you “rebuild” your builds 24/7 for free. And ive played several mmos but i cant think of one that just lets you do that. There are some that let you reset skill points for free. But when it comes to games with class trees that branch out. They usually just have a cash shop item.


After all these years I just cannot imagine people still complain about rank reset…

With so many free reset potions, plus the remaining class points from event, I got tons of ways to reset for free, that I am not even using.

And in case you have wasted all your free reset chances, you can still buy it with TP. Like, if you are so dumb, you gotta pay for being dumb, right?

I think the rank reset system is great now…Am I crazy?


Hey, when you get to Adventure Class C you’ll have access to Ymir’s Notebook which will allow you to reset your build (stats, skills, runes) for unlimited times at 0 cost and when you get to your T2 job you’ll unlock the multi-job option so you can use the same character to try out other classes without losing level, titles, adventure progress, etc. This will allow you to freely switch roles that fits what you like playing most at the mo…

oh wrong gaem


On topic, I’d agree with everyone else, and also with the OP. The rank reset system did improve if you compare it to the previous one, but it can certainly be better. Did they do away with expiry dates on event reset items already?


It actually is insane that you people manage to fail and complain after weeks of having 3 individual class resets each day on top of a class tree change. Who really is at fault here?
I’m not sure IMC should be blamed for your poor decisive capacities, because no matter what you’d still manage to fail on other things.

Sure, it’s quite a cashgrab for now but you can still do it for free, making mistakes should have consequences, in some games these mistakes are irrevesible, just like it was in ToS before rank reset came in, and most people didn’t cry about it and just re-made a character, it was part of the game and improvement.

Gathering info and having general knowledge about the game helps, instead of mindlessly following highly voted and [NEW KOREAN META BUILD] you find on forums and reddit.

Waiting for the day when IMC makes it available to reset whenever you want, and people come complaining “roflmao the game is too easy nowadays people abuse changes and they do whatever they want there isn’t any stability u tryin to be like twin sage xdd imc u so suc lamo”.

You guys have a huge amount of tools to prepare and anticipate builds, to gather feedback around them and discuss them, to previsualize them.
But it’s IMC’s fault for not having a built-in bot that plays the game for you.

I didn’t find a real gun ok


You are doing uphill wrong. Trust me…


This post has to be a bait right? Right guys?


lol no, why? I’m doing it for the class points, 3min run=10 class points, if I wanted to do uphill for real I’d do it with one of my characters that has a good build


sure thing mate, the amount of things you’re assuming about me is fenomenal, you know more about me than myself it seems

  1. I tested most classes/builds during the event
  2. still I couldn’t test everything since I don’t have unlimited time despite having 13 chars to try builds around
  3. I don’t have too many problems with my builds ATM I just picked a bad class on 1 character because I didn’t have time to test it properly and it’s bad
  4. I’m mostly always up to date because I like reading around
  5. even if I had made the perfect build with every characters I own, I’d still stand by my points, it’s not a case of: my build sucks, give me free respec. I just find the system bad and made for the purpose of frustrating players (way to much) to push for overpriced items in the mall (50euros for resetting 1 char? lol…)

anyways we can close the topic, I wanted to present my point of view and so I did, as always players here can’t even talk without being insulted but I didn’t expect any less after all


What kind of autism is this?


The real question is how can you end up with a “bad” build after the reset event, even with the residual class points, and even with extra class-tree change reset, and even with legacy reset potions.

Like, the worse fk-up I have not having time testing the last character, I just class-tree change the character out-and-in to get the reset. We have already so many resets. We will get more in the future through event. It’s pretty much impossible to mess up if you play the game.

How. I am mind-blown.


It doesn’t matter, as I said I only need 1k points so I’m not too ■■■■■■, I’m commenting on the system in general, so the real question is why don’t we go back on topic or just stop posting if all you have to say are just stuff against me, it’s getting old


Archeage, TERA, Blade & Soul, Maplestory 2, just to name a few.

Just wait for some meme class to get “monked” (like pyro) and they will get your point.


I don’t understand the urge for the class change points. It’s certainly not a thing meant to change all your classes every month so you have to farm 1k points every week on each character. Once is done and you are settle, you shouldn’t need it anymore (in theory), that’s why they gave us 2 weeks of 3k points every day, to settle our builds and test whatever we wanted.

Certainly you might want to change again when some balance come out and you eventually don’t like what devs did with a particular class. But when this happen, they are going to give free 1k class change points, as they did recently in a kTOS patch. This on top of the points you already have should be enough for these situations, considering that you play your characters and you will eventually get some points here and there, cause content that give us class change points are very trivial.

To be fair, the system might be hard for support characters if you compare with dps ones. If you don’t have a class to help you out with damage in your build, you might end up having a bad time farming those points. Otherwise, even a screwed up build that has dps classes weirdly selected can hunt down class change points quite simply.

Now, the last thing is that I can’t understand is why people who claim not having enough time to play as they would like to have insist in having 5+ characters. Maybe it’s just me, cause I am one of those that don’t play as much as I wanted, and for that I can’t have more characters than what I can handle with the time that I have. I have a friend who does that, with 10+ characters and no time, and I am always mocking him, but even him managed to organize his builds. IMC abandoned the Tree of Alts concept long time ago.

No personal feelings towards people with a lot of characters, I personally like the level up process more than do endgame content, but I can’t mindless have more characters than I can handle, otherwise I will not fully develop them. And the reset process, at least for me, is kind of a pain… redo skills, classes and attributes is tedious.


It’s not a “urge”, but if it takes weeks (or pay) just to get the points needed to fix a mistake (yours or IMC’s), it’s better to opt out for the good old “quit for 30 days and get a rank reset voucher” method.

Take also into account that we are talking about IMC and the screw up is around the corner: for example, class point system seems to be bugged at the moment (people do not get points).

I disagree, unless you are willing to farm Saalus for months just to get your main’s gear to decent levels.
Yes, you can do gem feud, yes you can farm elites, but it’s not nearly enough to get enough gems in a decent time considering that now just to do some end game content you need a t5 weapon to begin with.


The only good thing they did, was to remove the attributes’ learning time. Way less tedious than before.