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The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab


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Hey, what are the chances you screw up your 3 class choices?Seriously, you gotta do it on purpose since most classes are pretty okish now.

How long do you think it takes to get a character to lv 330~350 nowadays?

In 6 weeks you can get like 3+ new characters catch up to that one…i just don’t see the point of this thread…If you think it’s bad for new players, think again(it actually feels worse to have a ■■■■ geared 380 character than having a ■■■■ geared 300ish,because the lv300 one gets better returns for gameplay time and you don’t have that anxiety of never being able to get the better stuff you can equip till the next better stuff come out).


Oh boy, you’re really mad, aren’t you. :haha:

Just pick Linker and Thauma in your build and you’re set for farming.


I’m not mad, I’m annoyed by a turd that keeps deflecting since his first post.


Guys try to keep the discussion civil enough to not get this closed you dumb dumb õwõ


It’s hard to be civil when people tells you that you had to read the future from a crystal ball, but sorry you’re right.


Funny thing of this whole Corsair point is that, for farming, the class was good for easy little amount of silver (emphasis on little) and some minor goodies. If you really wanted to go for a farmer, thauma linker was always superior. And I use Corsair for minor goodies, I had no problem with this, but have to acknowledge that thauma linker, for greater gains, was way better.

Another funny thing is that, prior to Re:Build, Chrono+Onmyoji with Looting Chance equipment could do better than Corsair too, for the same niche.

Corsair is still good. Sure loosing basic loot is sad, but it is still dropping silver properly. As stated here already, there was no point of fixing pillaging to the older version just to change it a couple of weeks after to this new version. Should have been better informed? Yes. But this is such a cry for an unecessary reason. I rather read monk users complaining than all of this.

Now, where is the whole “Class Change system is trash” of this topic again?


Deflecting since my first post? My first post ITT was this one:

It wasn’t even addressed at you, then you came quoting me derailing the thread with your Pillaging drama.

Then I replied with this post and you got all personal lashing out at me over your frustration.


I should’ve written “reply”, my bad.

God frigging lord.

How is derailing pointing out that IMC does ninja patches and having to farm for weeks or pay to fix what they broke is not normal?

Annoyance, not frustration. Blame yourself for that stupid statement.


Gained Attributes:

Forum Banter +20
Laughter + 100
Entertainment +200
Personal Corsair Class Understanding -100
Reading Comprehension -500


Ohoo, now I’ll need to look at my crystal ball to know when I’m dealing with a sensitive short-fuse drama queen before I post here. If it’s all that it takes to get you that mad, you should go out a bit to breathe some fresh air and calm down.

I don’t think that’s true because we still have unspent class points from the reset event and we can still go back to our previous base class. “B-But what about the gear I bought?” Like I said… change to another farming build in the Scout tree or trade/sell your stuff to get Swordsman gear before undoing the base class change. You’ll probably get some profit out of it since Scout is very popular right now, so their gear is more expensive than Swordsman’s.

Anyway, being ninja or not ninja patch doesn’t matter. If they decided to change Pillaging in the next month after announcing it in the patch notes would still be the same: you’d still have the scout gear you bought and you’d still be insatisfied with the changes. So just carry on, the patch notes will always be misleading or have missing info. They even put a disclaimer saying that unmentioned changes can happen.


I’ll let you read this reply to an old thread related to a similar ninja patch as an answer to your smart, delusional, ass.

Keep defending every mistake IMC does and everything will go well as it always did.

And that’s specifically for you and the like.


That’s almost 2 years ago when the rank reset voucher was only a recent thing. It’s a totally different case. Back then, if you made a mistake or had your class nerfed, you had to reroll or to deal with playing with a subpar character.

It’s different from today, where you have many ways of fixing your build.
And I’m disagreeing with you, not defending the game’s company.


You still don’t get, do you?
The point is not reroll, rank reset or whatever.

2 years almost passed and IMC still does not issue proper patch notes, the problems are still the same! (change VGA errors to channels crashes from previous post and it’s still actual) and people like you defend them.

At how many CCUs will you understand that you aren’t helping the game?

If you think that incomplete/missing patch notes are acceptable, you’re defending the company.
and if you have to resort to complete nonsense to defend your position (like telling people to foretell patch notes), you are trolling, not disagreeing.


Again, what difference would it make if they announced the Pillaging change to patch it next month, for example? Dude, you think people really quit because of some missing info in the patch notes? Get real, the game has too many other issues. It’s not because that’s a reason for you to whine like a crybaby that’s the same for other people.

Dude, I don’t care about CCU. lmao ToS could close their servers tomorrow and I wouldn’t mind it because I play other games too.
Do you really think I’m not helping the game just because I don’t agree with your bitching? That’s IMC’s fault, not mine. I tried to show you the bright side on your situation, but whatever. Keep whining.

ToS has already lost most of the players that came to check Re:Build because it has the same core issues as always. It’s still the forever-on-beta-test game we’ve always known. We haven’t received the new optimization patch yet, PvP in ToS is the worst among all MMOs I’ve ever played, no one from the Staff was here to check on the ongoing issues during IMC days off in the Chinese New Year celebration, Boruta is the worst content ever released in this game, Re:Build came as an incomplete update (where are the Templar and Scout tree buffs?), misleading tooltips on many skills, crappy progression and gear upgrading system, lack of action against players with bad behaviour (AFK players inside dungeons and events, bots and AFK players abusing Bokor), Monk being a noobtrap and the list goes on. So who tf cares about the patch notes when there’s so much to fix? lmao

So concerning your question: yeah, I do my best to be helpful for other people. I help people with their questions posted in the forums and I (try to) help people in the iTOS Discord with building their characters, so yeah, I’m doing my part. And no, I don’t care about your opinion because you’re a literal who calling people who disagree with you white knights or IMC shills.


I dunno how or where people can read about incoming changes… There is 0 threads about them…
Oh wait…


Since it’s a core change to the class, one would expect a class change or something similar, like every normal game does.

But that’s not the issue here, it was just an example, the problem and the reason I’m agreeing with @MrFioz, is that they often

on top of missing patch notes.

Having to farm points for weeks or pay to fix what they broke, is not a solution, period.

You asked it for yourself, let me quote it again:

You may shake your hands with that other genius.

I’m sure people can read incoming changes weeks before they’re posted, let alone released in KR :joy_cat:

Harry Potter 2


And you have it. You have the unspent points from the class point event and you can still go back to your previous base class. You don’t need to farm points.

You really don’t know what white knight means. Anyway, I give up on that. I’m sorry that you got mad because of a statement you don’t understand and you need to twist my words to make a non-existent point.


Still deflecting I see? That’s not the point here.

The point is the ninja patches that shouldn’t happen and it’s the first thing I said.

Yes now one can suck it up, go back and farm gear from scratch or suck it up and change corsair for something else they possibly don’t like, but that’s only a band-aid and not a solution.

When this event is over and IMC does IMC again and issues another patch with

what a person should do? Farm for weeks or pay.

If you don’t get it now, I can’t help you.

I understand the statement, but it was irrelevant and unnecessary because there was nothing to read when re:build was released and I’m not mad, I’m annoyed at people trolling.

You can’t own up your mistakes, like the other guy.

Anyway, one thing I agree with you: re:build is a huge mess as a whole, this is only a tiny issue compared to the others.


from class points being “retarded and a cash grab” to half a thread talking about how corsair is dead.
I dont see the class system being a cash grab. Surely its a bit retarded having to farm this much for a single class reset and not an entire rank reset. But its completely fair since the game still gives you an option for free. So I really dont see anything wrong with this. Kinda the same thing as with WoW you could grind in-game gold for a monthly sub but back when I played it was very hard.

Cash grab? Maybe a bit, mostly no. If it was, they’d make points impossible to achieve without buying TP. I think this new system is a lot better because you can reset certain ranks without reseting them all now (while also being cheaper).

Also I dont want to spark the argument about Cors but I still have one and dont have any plans to change since I still find it fun to play.