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The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab



I guess you won’t answer what kind of compensation you want since you must’ve realized your whole point is dumb. It’s not like 2016 where we have to reroll our chars if we regretted our builds, so please stop it.
The changes to Pillaging were announced during the free class points event. You spent silver on Scout gear? Good, you can trade/sell them and get Swordsman gear again! It sounds a bit fishy though, because I’m under the impression you played Corsair before, but you didn’t have a gun already? Oh and thank god the Scout tree is pretty good at the moment and is receiving buffs soon™. You can still use your remaining class points (as I said) to change to another build.


My point is not the “compensation” you turd, it’s about unannounced changes but keep deflecting, the only thing that IMC shills can do.

I don’t have to do something to fix a situation not created by me.
Go tell players that lost weapon due to the botched weekend event to suck it up, it’s the same thing.

Going back to 1.2k CCU thanks to people like you, defending every ■■■■ IMC does since launch.


Thanks, I’ve been waiting to use this picture. “Wahh wahh IMC shill, white knight”.


Yeah, now go read the future patch notes before they’re released in KR with your crystal ball and tell us what’s coming next, Poktard.


Oooh, I saw Monk buffs. @4lkruzeth :hey:


Lmao nice joke, more like monk nerfs


I don’t think farming 2 weeks of points for 1 class change is that bad. Stuff like this should be hard to get. I agree, getting it from TP shop is quite expensive, but it’s not like they force us to buy it. It’s still available free, with effort. And it’s not like the way to get those points are useless stuffs. You should do dailies anyway, with or without getting those points. And this is coming from a casual player, where I probably needed a month to get points enough for one class change. And no luxury of making a new character that could hit level cap in a month or two, as you stated.

Also, we have all the tools. We have guides, simulator, other people to ask. It’s not like we’re playing blindly just to be led to deadend and forced to buy TP.

As for unannounced changes, get real. All MMORPG is like this. Unannounced changes come every now and then. You adapt with it. I bought some Asio & Wastrel recipes when they were still around 40-60 mills. Suddenly there’s event where you get double drop and almost cost nothing for the first entry. Price of some recipe went down like crazy. I didn’t cry why IMC didn’t tell me sooner that such event will be there. I could’ve saved millions. But I know it is part of playing MMORPG. Economy changes, skill readjustment, etc are always there. Also a couple months ago (before Re:Build) there’s some classes that get some skill readjustments, they were given a reset. It’s not like they change stuffs without giving proper compensation…


they baiting you into grinding for dat player retention


Fixed for you.

You are comparing an event to something that makes your toon useless.

If we had to use the same meter for everyone and everything, then those that lost their weapon due to the botched weekend event should suck it up and move on.

What retention? In less than a month they already lost half of the players gained at re:build release :joy_cat:


On the very bright side, atleast there is a way to get a class reset comparing to before, although i think the limit for the points should be removed.


Weapon destroyed during the event is happened cause of a bug, not a change that happen to everyone.

But I guess at this point you just want to blame stuffs. Go ahead I won’t bother you anymore with my opinion.


Weapon were destroyed because people went transcending them before midnight thinking they were smart and they also could read that the success rate was not 100%.

Why should they be compensated?

An unannounced change that makes a whole class useless so you either forget your toon or switch back and gear it up from scratch?

Even @crevox had to admit that not announcing it was a mistake, it’s kinda ironic to read people whiteknighting more than him.


People disagreeing with you isn’t whiteknighting. At least learn how to use your buzzwords correctly. Are you saying Corsair is useless because you can pillage loot anymore? Are you… serious?


Telling people that they had to read patch notes that didn’t exist even in KR at the time, is beyond white knighting (it’s plain crazy).

Yes, I am and I’m not alone if you spent a minute reading other fellow corsairs.


Did I tell you only that? Why are you so hurt over this?

Yeah, give me some links of other posts about Corsair being useless now. Oh wait, maybe you want to call me an “IMC shill” again?

And just sayin’, but some people are really enjoying farming silver with Pillaging.


It doesn’t matter, it’s an idiotic statement and pulling it out knowing it had no sense made your whole post look like you only wanted to defend IMC at all costs.

I’m not hurt at all, I’m annoyed by people resorting to this kind of low tactics.

This is kinda… ironic. You trolled yourself and you still wonder why you get called “white knight”.

No, you should go buy class points so you can support the wonderful development and careful management this game has. :joy_cat:


Sure I’m a whiteknight, very cool in my shining armor and gorgeous horse.

Now I better get back to farming class points cause I have to reset my Corsair now that they’re useless. I didn’t even pick it for Pillaging but hey, if you say the whole class become useless then useless it is.


You really lack reading comprehension. Let me explain what I said since you have a smooth brain: they killed Corsair’s theme with all changes made to the class so far. It’s only a DPS class now and it’s really good for DPS Scout builds.

And I didn’t pulled out my statement. The world won’t end just because one class isn’t good at one thing anymore. You’re being a drama queen just because of the Pillaging changes even when Corsair is still a great class and there are other great classes in the Scout tree for you to use the gear you bought.


And you’re so smart that I have to specify corsair is now useless as a farming class as it has always been (outside PVP)?


Oh, and keep deflecting, you’re really good at it!

And you are defending something just for the sake of it. Go read the future, Harry Potter.



Seems like you don’t know how to use the word “whole” too. /shrug