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The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab


hey its better than nothing


Your title is what i think about ToS marketing team in general, heck, i bet some people still remembering the beta tickets being so incredibly overpriced the community got to vote for what they wanted to pay.


Until last year we had a 1-time only DLC to buy a Rank Reset Voucher and ocasional Rank Reset events for specific classes.

Now we have permanent vouchers distributed in the TP Shop and a way to farm such points ingame, not spending a single penny.

Some people simply can’t get enough. Call the devs, they can make you a coffee too.



2016: not having rank reset is retarded!
2017, after rank reset potion exists: can only reset once for cash is retarded!
2018, after rank rollback is implemented: not having your exp back is retarded!
2019, after rank reset point is implemented: the grinding for point is retarded!"


I didn’t expect this community to agree with me since I already knew that most people here seems to like the treatment IMC is giving them, some even believe we are being spoiled by IMC lol.

Anyways even if having the class points system is better than nothing at all, doesn’t mean that it’s not a crappy system, I’ve been playing since day 1 and I’ve always thought that TOS just needed free respec 24/7 or a system that allowed for easy respec, so I’m just frustrated to see how this new system works


It is not agreeing 100%, it is simply knowing where we were and where we are now. Considering that devs previously stated they didn’t want the former Rank Reset (Voucher and/or event) to be something common, it is a huge improvement having an in-game system for free, just by playing the content.

Hmmm so guess who want to be pampered? Someone is addicted with private server games


I see it more like this: it’s been 3 or 4 years and IMC still didn’t learn how to manage their game and keep coming up with ways to frustrate their playerbase instead of allowing more freedom in a game that desperately needs it.

Having easy respecs is not being pampered, it’s just a basic need when you have so many classes + wrong skill tooltips + useless skills + typos in the skill tooltips etc it’s honestly embarrassing (for IMC) that players need to make guides about the skills of a class tree testing every single skills to check if it works as intended (spoiler: a lot of times they don’t)


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You got more freedom - you feel more restricted. Great. Just retarded.

  1. You read that it will be possible to change class freely just by playing the game
  2. You actually try the system and realize that it would take you 2 month of playing every day (at least an hour) to fully reset
  3. You see that they sell full resets for 50€
  4. REEEEEE.jpeg
  5. Are we doing greentext now?


What is greentext? Is it your tears above btw?


That wouldn’t be a problem if they owned up the mistakes you listed earlier (typos, ninja patches and so on).

Fact is they don’t, so sucking it up for weeks or spend money because they botched something is not an option.


Well, that’s why people talk to more informed players and keep themselves up to date with the kTOS updates discussion.

Can you give another example? Besides, last year we got showered with rank reset vouchers when big changes were introduced. I kinda regret using the rank down function to adjust the build of many of my characters since I’m wasting tons of time lvling them up to class lvl 31 now…

And well, if you regret changing your base class to Scout, you can still go back to your previous choice.

(What does “Remaining: 6” mean?)

Alternatively, if you don’t want Corsair anymore, the class points given during the Re:Build event are still there.

So what compensation do you want? Even if you choose to not read about the upcoming changes for our server or talking to other people, you have different ways of reverting your choices.


Here’s another one… How the hell I could read about pillage change if it was in 1/24 kToS patch notes and re:build was released 1/15?

Dear god!


So what? That was during the event. Did you try reading the second half of my post? And even now you can go back on your choices. What’s your point?


So telling people to “read upcoming changes” it’s plain stupid since there weren’t even the kToS patch notes available.

With a 1h sword and gun I can’t go back to swordsman.

What’s yours?


Afaik “remaining 6” is the amount of days you have left to change tree, it was 30days after your first login with that character


And you think every player that moved to Scout had a 1H sword and a pistol? The majority of players that moved to Scout used Thauma-Linker builds.

  1. Talk to other people, read about upcoming changes
  2. Do you regret your choice? Go back to your previous base class
  3. You don’t want to go back to your previous base class? Then adjust your build using the remaining class points given during the event

So again, what’s your point? What’s the compensation you want?


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