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Swordsman Crit Build Comparison - (Hop/Barb/Ret) vs. (Barb/Doppel/Templar)

I’ve been trying to decide between which Crit focused Swordsman build I want to go. I would like to be effective in both PVE and PVP, with more of an emphasis on PVE. It looks like Ret has more CC but Templar has more mobility. Unsure of which build does more damage. What would you guys suggest?

Hoplite/Barbarian/Retiarius vs Doppelsoeldner/Barbarian/Templar


You could try Doppel/Barb/Matador. Ole gives you so much Crit rate and you get a useful taunt and some damage skills.

I got 1700 crit chance with Hoplite/Barb/Pelt and I’m not even trying to stack crit. There is no need to take Templar.