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Suggestion to buff Gemstone Feud NPC


NPC getting divebombed nonstop everyday by invul zealot-inq and iframe lord bm-assassin is something,
you cant defend against them, they will do damage no matter what or how many cc you do

killing NPC is one of the thing to ensure your team winning the game, but currently it is just too fragile, so my suggestion is to either give NPC high evasion or out of combat hp regen or putting a mechanic where theres a limit how many times you can kill NPC.


I have a better idea.
Make npc and invulnerable area walkable. Farmed crystal is auto counted.
You can both def and attack as the same time


The best solution is to remove npc killing reward from the game it will make only a troubles for opposite side to return their farmed crystals back. So people will stop doing it for the whole match and start actually fighting each other. Right now we have a bunch of good and brave pvpers fighting each other on 3 sides and a couple of dirty players that just focus for npc ignore any kind of pvp.


The only problem with NPC is that it can be poisoned to death without any chance to recover since you can’t heal him. He should simply be immune to status ailments. And maybe add small healing over time. Otherwise I’d say it’s fine.


One suggestion for me, would be to make those ballistas do something instead of just decorating.

Give them some attack speed and more range, so diving NPC becomes risky

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