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[SUBMIT] Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


I think you should qrite a line or two about overwork/salamion, some people may want to have higher salamion to offset overwork completely, otherwise great guide


I wrote it under salamion at sorcerer information, but I guess I should move it to the notes part or reiterate it. Thanks for pointing it out.


for a full summoner, I suggest going 1 evocation and 11~12 salamion to nullify Overwork’s HP drain


is there a difference in damage between summoning legend cards and ordinary cards?


I gonna make a Summoner for me with the extra slot for character we got from the event but now with what class in the build of sorc-war-shadow which one is better to start off?


Sorry to bother you again. On my Necro build, is it better if I use Templeshooter instead of Froster Lord? Does Corruption still help to boost Templeshooter skills? Now that they change it so that you can control the direction of the riding skill, Templeshooter’s riding S skill seems much easier to aim.


I would go with the order of warlock -> shadow -> sorc. Summon kills won’t spawn dark spirits from invocation btw, just a heads up on a possible conflict between warlock and summoner classes.

@luhands0m3 already mentioned in the thread but no there’s no difference in damage based on a different user’s experience. I have not personally tested it though which is why I haven’t written it in the main post yet.

@icyruios Corruption used to boost missile damage by 100% but it’s already been changed to boost physical and fire damage by 30% instead. You can use Templeshooter if you like it, it’s one of the better summons.

Sorry for late replies, forum is being crap.


hmm i was thinking going sorc first and trying to survive with riding the summon but i guess you right warlock and shadow having direct hitting skills are way better than depending on the summon

edit: oh and just to let my build here for anyone interested


how does sorc-necro-bokor compare to sorc-necro-pyro in bossing?


full summoner is all about sustained DPS while pyro build leans more on burst

@corpse.knox (standard warlock and shadowmancer skillbuild) and just my opinion, you’re gimping yourself by taking 2 caster classes for sorc since you can only utilize half of its potential and stat growth, I recommend replacing either warlock or shadow (depends if you want more aoe or single target) with bokor if you really want that dark theme sorc build.


as people said there no difference in dmg between legendary vs normal but i just want to clarify since legendary a bit bigger do it have a bigger aoe ?

need someone to test my future build as i am just starting out “3rd advancement close”
how good is pyro,onmyoji,necro build ?

need to test if foxfire does buff enchant fire buff on summons

alittle mix do foxfire also buff any fire type riding skills from sorc ?

i really wish the skeleton (archer,mage) was just attribute for skeleton warrior just like bokor zombies

  1. Hard to test hitboxes, and it’s summoning skill level that increases the size afaik.

  2. Fox Fire crit rate buff probably won’t affect enchant fire extra damage line on summons.

  3. Fox Fire crit rate buff won’t affect fire type riding skills, most attributes that affect the summoner don’t affect the summons actually. Generally speaking summons are different entities to the summoner, so most buffs and attributes don’t affect them unless explicitly stated. The best way to think of synergies with summons is through debuffs on enemies instead of buffs to the caster. Additionally, most summon skills are actually non-elemental, although Marnox’s ground shockwave is confirmed to be fire.


so yeah i know i’m kinda handicapping myself but i absolute hate bokor, and i want sorc so here we are, but do you really think Ghastly Trail and Hallucination that good to put so many points? ghastly i can understand because i cant move the spirits that well but why hallucination?


probably it wont, probably =) but if it does work we would have a crit base summon then,
especially corruption giving a extra boost to fire dmg

too bad i dont have marnox yet i want my puppy =)


Someone tested in in the past and if I remember correctly the hit box was the same, don’t quote me on that though. :slight_smile:


Hallucination for painbarrier and it’s basically gyvenimas, but better tho you can spec out of it if you’re confident about your survival but condensation… personally it’s not that good nor worth taking more than one point because of the delay and cooldown.