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Stabbing is good, but

Stabbing have been one of my prefereed skill in hoplite class and before rebuild i used it a lot, the timing wasnt a problem despite having 190+ ping.

then i returned to the game and found stabbing have more reliable damage but somehow i feel it got some tweaks in the key pressing. i mean:

  • if i dont press the key in time stabbing ends quick.
  • if i press the key so quickly it end also prematurely, its feels like stabbing it only mean to be pressed 10 times each 1 second, but if you press the key faster consumes all the hits and ends the skill.
  • somtimes i press it like the button animation show so i get the same rythm but its like 50/50 chance to work or not.

i dont know why this happen to me after rebuild update, but because of this stabbing isnt anymore one of the reliable skills i used before. the same thing happens with inquisitor scissors but i rarely miss with them but stabbing rarely works.

why no change the way stabbing works?

  • maybe a channeling? where you hold the key until the bar fills and ends stabbing.
  • or the way around? where you hold the key to charge the bar and once filled stabbing is released
  • could be also like hexen dropper from corsair: just press 1 time the key and stabbing is released
  • lastly like a buff that locks you on stabbing stance for 3-4 secs (well im not sure how much should last just enough to last the same as the actual stabbing) and only will hit if you press the key of stabbing until the buff end so pressing faster or slower the stabbing key doesnt matter and dont end before.

i dont know why i only have this trouble with stabbing but sadly due pressing faster the key, pressing it slowly or some lag bump hit you or whatever make the skill ends prematurely.

you are using stabbing wrong way.
press it 3 times then hold.

Why not only hold the key?

Did they added new interactions or bonus that you need to keep pressing the key?

You could always just hold down the key and it will do the complete animation, you dont need to tap the key

Tho i do agree that they should change the skill function to be a channel skill like Pouncing or Taglio for clarity purposes

if only they could also make DWA works if we just hold z and c together

Y-you can just hold the key?! :hey: I’ve been playing Hop wrong the whole time aaaah! :sad: Thanks for this info :two_hearts:

I think Stabbing depends also with ping? I just use it when I know my net is reliable enough coz heck it stops when ping is high. ;-; But Imma try the Hold key and see if it’ll magically forget about the ping xD

Hahaha yeah you can just hold the key and you get the full animation 100% of the time

Back in the day i used to play on a crappy laptop with bad FPS, it was a pain cause sometimes the inputs wouldnt register and the skill would cancel, until i discovered that you can just hold it and it ignores the FPS, ping, etc. it works all the time, so yeah, ping doesnt matter if you just hold the key c:

1 Like i just tried like that and still ended the skill before i could hit it.

@IHadesI i tried like you told me and yeah now works wonder and i can trust now the skills. so many thanks! the animation of pressing the key is really misleading i agree they should just change the skill to be a channel skill.

then again thanks since this really solve my problem with the skill.

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Oh thank cods! Thank you thank you! Now I can use it every time! ;;u;; Of course, if it’s not in cd, but yeah, y’all get it xD

My inner Hoplite is so happyyyy :satisfaction:

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to be fair, they kinda make the popup command look like you need to tap it lol. but yeah just hold.

True true. xD
Am so happy I stumbled upon this topic! Thanks again! :sob::two_hearts: