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Spring Event Dungeon Rewards Bug?

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 1/14/2020 11:25AM Est

Server Name: Kalipeda

Team Name: Poyudi_Hytori

Character Name: LightningStriker and ZeroFives

Bug Description :
Played the Spring event Dungeon with LightningStriker. It was beaten in less than 2 minutes. I got Flower Petal x1, Blessed Shard x1, Snow Spray (30 Days) x1. And 5 MegaPhones… No Cubes. Then tried to clear the spring event Dungeon with ZeroFives. It was cleared, again, in like a minute. And I got 5 Megaphones as the reward again. No Cubes.

Since when Megaphone is an reward for this event :thinking:

i didnt even attempt for second run after i do first run and didnt even get the cubes.i know something wrong(again)

too much cubes fixed to no cube at all

they fix the unlimited run with cube rewards with 1 character.
the problem now is that you get no cube rewards with all of your characters.

This is still going on for me. Did a run today (Since I still get the Spring Flower) and got 5 Megaphones again instead of Spring Cubes. I’m also fairly sure this is a somewhat wide spread issue that’s being noticed. Since it took almost 20 minutes for enough people to Q up for the dungeon. x:

for me its fixed
it take minutes to queue while it takes around 2-4 minutes to clear it solo.depend on your build for sponge boss dots and gear to beat the 2m boss.

Well … Anyone who wants the cubes has to enter the event solo. In party I do not receive.

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You have to enter Solo to get the cubes? Great. Look forward to having my 240 character fight those level 390 bosses. x.x;

Well, for me it doesn’t matter whether I solo the dungeons or not, the first two days I got all rewards and cubes for ONE character, but none with other characters. Starting yesterday, I was only getting the flower, blessed shards and the event snow spray thingy on the first time of the dungeon completed for the day, but no cubes. So now I’m not getting any cubes at all on any of my characters. @GM_Francis any type of feedback on this would be greatly appreciated since Tickets are disabled (I don’t know why) and thus I can’t submit any.

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian Really? No word on this problem that an awful lot of people are having? Great event BTW…

I stopped bothering to try and take part in the spring event because I’m not getting these rewards. :confused:

You dont need to enter solo to get box. Its correct that to gain the 5 box spring box, you need to have a party and choose enter now. Cant get 5 box if you que automatch thats why people usually shout party to have many people finishing the event together to make it easier. And it’s 5 box per char daily. So if you guys have 5 char, you can get 5x5box = 25box daily and its transferable through team storage.

I have no prob getting these boxes since day 1 of event by doing this. CMIIW, I hope this is helpful. Thanks

Hi @poyudi1,

Apologies for the delay. Kindly send us a support ticket in order for us to assist you.

Thank you for playing Tree of Savior!