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[Special] Botanic Package

Is there a limit on how many weight increase potions used on a single character?


i think that each one has its definition of paytowin after all i don’t see anything really absurd that a normal player cannot achieve with the exception of the accessories that are not a big deal or that make you the top in some content without any effort just by buying the pack.

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another new accounts eh?is this like 3rd??
watch your fingers dude or you gonna get banned again and you ll have to keep spamming accounts

so tos is the only game you play in this 20 years?
most of the items are obtainable in game, ofc with high effort
leveling is also a joke in this game until you hit 440
its getting worse i agree, but i can tell this is not the worst among mmos p2w stuff from my exp
or maybe not yet

considering funneling still exist i agree
the powders doesnt do any harm if you get it legit 1/team
but the tome pages though, thats excessive even for max 3/team

you are flagged not by imc but im sure its the community doofus
watch your previous comment about the acc detail, its fine
you complained about someone else post about how its not in the right tag but look at you dude, most of your long comments everywhere are off topic
talk about cleric somewhere else, hush

all in all
seriously imc
look at the steam most recent preview, its mostly positive
its not a reliable measure but still
dont screw this again man
first i thought you guys gonna stop at 400 exp card, but since you gave us this item as freebies in 4th anniv now you go even further with 430??
are we gonna get like exp card 450 in the next couple of months?

you keep betraying those f2p who spend their time and efforts
even you betrayed those p2w too
those who previously bought the pack with 400 exp card might think “man, i shouldve just wait and buy this instead, maybe i should just wait to actually pay and play this game, until they sell exp cards and all the goodies i need to caps”

the comparison of time/effort vs money spent here is getting more awkward
and now you also start selling items with unique effect aside of the growth gears?
cmon man, dont start go this route… its a blatant p2w this way
this time its just acc, with suck effect actually, but who know whats you gonna sell next?

and again DA.its pretty much SSS p2w item thats created so much controversy that its now removed from our leti cubes, please dont get too excessive with this

dont start another debacle man

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So the weight increase potions are permanent effects, and there are up to 9 of them, meaning 9000 more weight. No way to get that much of an increase with normal means ingame, even the weight increase quests won’t give more than 1000 (should be like 700 or 800 as far as i remember). It’s quite depressing to see such items on the tp shop, to be honest, as it doesn’t bode well for the future of the game. Having a ton of pages sold like that is annoying, due to how hard they are to farm normally. But those weight potions? No way to get them at all ingame. Either you pay or miss out. Meh.

those page is excessive, cant agree more
150 pages worth around 450m
those RMTers and funnelmaster are so happy now that the tp items are cheaper than doing RMT.

honestly since the era they turn gears drop into powders drop in cm and the reduce of powders weight, weight doesnt really matter that much
they even gonna remove some skill items next
unless you are the type who always bring all the unnecessary item and hoarding quest items and mats
my 8k+ weight do just fine even though i bring such lots of potions type with me like retribution/protection and those enchant rounds
its just about how you manage what you bring and what type of content you gonna do
but i do hope they will add this weight potion as obtainable in game item

First of all, look on the bright side
1)Mystic tome pages price will drop …
2) since they may increase Arts enhance to LV 20 in the future(maybe??) , it will sell like BG. and get consumed faster. not to mention u need mystic tome pages like 10+ to craft those new lv 430 unqiue Gears Pbeta or something in the future

lol i thought this item to increase the maximum weight was temporary u.u if it is permanent there it is really exaggerated

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I hope is permanent though.

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Vienibe is easier. Try again.

There is a thing called Casual raid/Uphill

Am i a joke to you?

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thanks for flagging my post so you could reply with… this. I’m sorry you don’t like what I have to say and would rather laugh and be sarcastic instead. I have read the in-game help section. It doesn’t mention a lot of things. What it does mention is often outdated information as well.

it’s no wonder new players won’t stick around when a large portion of the community responds like you do. The game gives players gear, which is nice, but it doesn’t do much to help players understand anything about gearing themselves. Returning players don’t bother for long either but I guess that’s just ‘lol’.

Casual raid and uphill. Ok. I’ll look into those and Vienibe. Thanks for giving at least some useful information.

enjoy your memes & take care.


many of us just too tired to respond the same cry over and over again
the same complain over and over again
we old players can live with it, with the game situation
if you cant stick with it then you are free to leave
some should just stay silent like me, some will bully,some will help but eventually tired by how often the same question/complain spitted over and over
the thing is this is open forum, its free, you are free to ask the same questions, the same complain and others free to express their answers
if you dont wanna get butthurt by comments go complain through ticket
you will end up enjoy the autoresponse

also you were being out of topic complaining in this topic as we are discussing about botanic package here
thats pretty much much why community flagged you

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new players please, either search in forums what you don’t understand or google for TOS database or something … that’s what most new players do anyways … not unlike old games where there is no information and tutorial available XDDD …

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Nah its ok, people expect to jump fresh into the game and waiting for everything to be spoon fed. #GamingIn2020

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it was taking too long for someone to come here to say that the game is dying for lack of players again xD … funny because recently tos is with a player base growing again, for me the community can be quite stupid sometimes but I understand them a little when some newcomer arrives wanting to be right or wanting to give lessons on what is right.

I know this is not the place but you don’t have to go after the end game so madly so you can have fun making some hair accessory that you like or quest that you find interesting or simply spending time in the city noticing the costumes of the people

I don’t want to be spoonfed. Everyone always assumes that of anyone asking for information. Blame the players instead of the game or whatever if you want. The devs are the ones that want to spoonfeed newcomers just enough to hit a content wall and then toss convenient packs in the shop to further spoonfeed players over that inconvenient wall. You don’t want to grind? Okay, spent $100 for a free 30mil, tome pages, more free (unique) gear, challenge mode entry scrolls, raid stones, and diamond anvils. I didn’t say the game is dead. I said it looks like it isn’t doing well and the shop seems… desperate. If you think I am consciously part of some echo chamber, think again. What I’ve brought up seems to be commonplace banter based on your replies though which confirms my suspicions that the developers don’t seem to listen or care about what would really improve their game at this point in time. They’ve pushed out these packs which many find to be going overboard with the P2W and that is not a good sign either.

You all can think what you want. It’s not my problem at the end of the day. It’s just a game to me and so far I enjoy socializing in it because the game itself has become a tedious chore of repeating the same thing over and over. Seriously though, don’t blame players for being confused when the game rushes us to endgame and then expects us to know exactly what to google or be able to discern between good and bad content guides. It’s more likely players will choose to leave instead of watching p2w players skip all the ‘work’ soooo yeah. You don’t have to remind us of our options, thanks.

well if you have time to waste with huge texts it shows that you care … much more of the same cry of someone who seems to have never played any mmorpg in the life of someone who has barely started and thinks he understands everything about the game and can already give lessons you talk about walls now tell me which mmorpg has no walls or do you think you can go in wow or ff15 and do all the content in your first days including the last bosses and raids without any power spike and about the typical paytowin cry which is usually a copy and paste but I believe that there is one exaggerated item or another, it’s not like I spend on some cubes automatically you get a +40 weapon and also automatically jump to the top ranking in the weekly boss ask if anyone who play for years if I would beat him on equipment or on pvp because I bought 150 mystic pages at the cash shop? to me, this is an excuse that you want to have what others have but you don’t want to try or spend the same time that these people at the top spent

many like you always appear here on the forum once while I think the last one was about 3 or 4 weeks ago, then I wonder if the game is so terrible why you still haven’t given up and went after something better?

googling is like a basic skill level of millenials nowadays
as simple as “ichor tos” will give you first result of fandom tos site about ichor
also not all things are googleable
sometimes you need to ask others, join guild, do your own research/exploration

you are just being too judgmental over your short experience playing game
much like those guy from rottentomatoes against movies
and i dont give a damn about those guy from rottentomatoes about my movie
if i enjoy it, i watch it