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Solution to the incompatibility problems of Templars


Just remove the “mounted only” from Advanced Orders and Battle Orders skills.


This- there is no reason to even have such a weird and specific limitation on templar. The horse/companion should be optional for bonuses at best.


There are many reasons, in particular that it’s just too damn strong in GVG. However, I think one thing that could be adjusted is the weapon requirement so that the person playing templar can do literally anything other than templar buffs. It’s just not fun to play.


How strong -really- is having one dude passing out sub cleric level buffs though?

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The magic of TOS is the interaction between the classes that make up your build.
This in the Templar is completely annulled because on horse you have no option to use skills of other classes and if you dont use the horseyou will have only monted classes options to compose the remainder of your build.
That is, removing the “monted only” of templar skills will help in compatibility without leaving it as OP class.


Yes but if templar is the only choice on a PVP swordsman, then there is no variance in builds. Everyone is templar barb doppel, everyone is templar rode reti, everyone is templar pelt murm, etc


Idk if people will leave behind pelta on 90% of builds.
Do you think its nice the way it looks? even if it’s not that way, something has to be done.
Today you dont have any good build with templar… in fact you have Templar-Pelt-FILLER or Templar-Cata-Lancer

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Pelt templars are great, but I think pelt cuts into damage too much. With cata lancer you don’t really lose much picking templar because of a lack of 2h/mount compatibility from most others.

I’d actually like to see more uses for templar outside of GVG, I think that’s really the problem with its balance. It’s exceptional there but is still kinda lackluster elsewhere. I agree right now it’s clunky to use, I just don’t want to see 100% of GVG swordies picking it up if it becomes too accessible. It’s kind of like the scout/linker problem: It exists, therefore you need it in your build 100% of the time.


Templar -> Cata-> Lancer is bad too … in GTW if you are a riding class that needs to get out of the mount (to mount the horse, which greatly increases damage reduction buffs - 35% more) its really a bad thing, your mount will be exposed to links and more.
That is, choosing this build is the same as ignoring the use of the horse in GTW, which is very bad.
That’s because I did not mention it outside of GTW, where any build is even worse.

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Well. In my opinion as a Templar/tanker main. I do think the horse + battle orders and advanced orders are really a change of tides on a big pvp scenario. Let me explain:

  • Battle Orders gives more than 50% damage boost(on pvp) and 1 aoe attack on your horse.
  • Advanced Orders gives up to 10mov speed boost and slows enemies by the same amount.
  • flying Colors gives a lot of crit chance, reduces crit resistence of enemies and on top of that it can give 35%(on the horse) the duration and cd are kinda justified by the effects.
    Now the draw backs are really hard when you use the horse. And they are:
  • You can use ONLY skills from Templar, Provoke for some wierd reason and itens. Skills from legendary set effect not included.
  • if you get of the horse you loose your hardshield buff.
    The first drawback kills any try to make like half of the templar kit interact with other classes. Not Being able to use low duration surviving skills that are Guardian, High Guard, Prevent and Pain Barrier makes you really fragile on your horse. Try to get off and your hard shield is gone. On top of that the “animation” of getting on and off the horse are slow and sometimes stuck you for some seconds.

For building, if you plan using a mounted only class i advise not try to use the horse at all.
And Yeah , mostly of templar builds resume to Peltasta-Templar-Something principally they didn’t care to give more possible interactions with templar and other classes.

At least they already made possible use battle orders and advanced orders on companions.

i still think they could make some changes to our chess piece ward that hit less than normal Z attacks…
And for PVE content you dont really need the horse… or Forge… or maybe the slow and still meme attack Mortal Slash. Yeah… things dont look good. Even on PVP Mortal slash is a weak skill even with the 50% damage ignored.

And leaving a suggestion: Forge deploy a mini horde(like 3 to 6) of soldiers to guard the area from monsters/players(more terrifying than monsters).

Edit: More skills i feel that could be used while mounted on your horse: Steed Charge, Trot, Calvary Charge, Gigante Marcha(why not?), Warcry and Cross Guard.

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… or just remove monted only for that 2 skills?

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Then they would prob need to reduces the aura range back to 50 on foot. (right now is 150)


Maybe put normal range (150) on horse/pet and 50 on foot.
Nice idea


I support this idea. Please IMC make Advanced Orders and Battle Orders skills be usable on foot! I won’t mind if the range gets smaller.