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So we dont have place to farm anymore?


Hello Since last update u set baubas and shelter with only 3 channels

  1. CH3 Baubas looks like reserved for Macro/ BOts since there have 5 seconds delay
  2. We still have 5 or 6 Macro/ Bots on each channel

Same problem at shelter so me question to @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan Where the F… i suppoust to farm now ? Or i just make me own bot/ macro to play on unplayable maps ? filled of them ?

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Thx. Lag not fixed but at least a clear of bots was good


when they cleared bots, they cleared the afk necros from TP whales?


what server are you playing on? I’m in silute and there are bot necros here right now


Klai server yesterday. they did a clean. Also we still have a horrible delay like from 3 to 5 seconds


A clean you mean banning those macro broker in 370HG? Or just some random bots in the field maps.