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[Silute] Boruta rank

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@STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William

I’m from the FireEmblem guild, I come to complain about this ranking of Boruta

The Skyline guild participated irregularly, this could not happen

Because she didn’t even have territory

I ask for measures, other guilds with legitimate territories, were affected by this Boruta ranking error

Note that it is not just a guild, there are 4 guilds being harmed by this error!

This involves awarding each one of them!


@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri
This error affects 4 other Silute guilds.
The improper counting of the Skyline guild in Boruta’s time atack interferes in the awarding of the others.
Please review this error in a timely manner

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Hello @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William,

Please check this problem since it harms a large amount of players in the server! Foul play for Skyline guild; They knew they would lose their territory due to the problem that occured on last week’s GTW and rushed Boruta because they probably knew they would still keep themselves on the Boruta Ranking!

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No surprise, it happened exactly as I predicted

Keep flagging, Skyliners :cowboy_hat_face:

Keep on flagging. Way to go to win!

PPL keep flagging this post. @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

Every end of gtw will have this cry on the forum?


Well, at least you commented. It’s a first step. But try flagging again, as there’s no argument on the comment :rofl:

We do Boruta on monday every week, IMC could check the registry, and we did the best time ever… You??? just cries…


stop making this mass report to confuse IMC, u guys need to play tree of savior on game and not here

Se eles sinalizam, a gente copia e cola de novo, simples :wink:

@STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @GM_Francis

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And your way to win is CRY… pathetic


Why are you so jealous man? Can’t you do better so you can get rewards that you truely deserve?
Skyline has always done Boruta on Monday since a long time ago…
Stop crying and fight like a real savior!

as well as ours Mistaken decision made by IMC related to the feud changes!

keep flagging :smiley:

as well your another post… you are just a baby crying. Try to improve, so you could do a little best next time, instead of just cry.
Bye loser.

Quando não sabe ´perder é foda! Desta vez vejo apenas um complo contra a Sky.

Winnning is not our point here. The point is: each one must get what each one deserves. No territory, no boruta rank. It should be easy enough to get.

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Jesus, aren’t you tired of crying? accept that Skyline is better than you and that’s why we deserve it.

All you know how to do is keep making unfounded accusations in an attempt to explain why you are bad.

Stop wasting our time, staff time and your time … use this will to win to improve your strategies and win us fairly and without being even more ashamed.

Because that’s all you are going through … shame.

Not only did we win first place … but you are nowhere near our time.