[SEA - Telsiai] πŸŽ€ BitterSweet πŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


I’m level 113 now thanks to the boost event and yes i want to play the game. i quite like though i get problems with the patch


Pls pm me on discord since I am not online forum much today. I will contact you as soon as I enter game. May I have your ingame name?


Hello! Used to play on the Klaipeda server for a few months after release but stopped playing due to suckiness of the game back then. Willing to start over and give the game a try again, but really hate playing alone. Haha. So, would like to see if I could join you guys.

Name: Tuna-
Class: Cleric1 Priest1 (so far)

Thank you!


Hi there, I guess you just added me on discord? Pls meet me at fedimian ch1, TP shop if you are ingame now.


Hiya! I humbly wish to apply in your guild. I played around late last year but I stopped earlier this year. I was a Kirito style player but now having my level maxed, I want to experience more like ET and guild runs. I consider myself borderline casual to hardcore but feel lazy when lag strikes. I’m online during 9pm onwards GMT+8. Thanks m8! :smiley:
TeamName: Akebono
Character: Flecther > Hackapell lvl330


Hi there, thanks for applying to our guild. Did you just add me on discord? Pls feel free to contact me to get invited into the guild.


Hi, I’d like to join the guild.I was a beta and EA player but stopped playing due to some RL stuff. Recently back after the balance changes. I’m a casual gamer usually play 2 - 3 hours weekdays and more on weekends.

Team Name: ikaruga
Character: Archer2 / Sapper 2 / Rogue 2 Lvl 20x


Thank you for applying to BitterSweet. I am sorry that currently we are out of slots. I will contact you as soon as we have more slots.


Ok, no biggie still a low leveler anyway :sweat_smile:


@skonryu @eksuterru currently we have 3 slots left. Please contact me if you still want to join. Thank you


Update 11th June 2017. 3 slots available now. :smiley:


20 characters for the PUSHHHHH


IGN: Krulcifer
Class: Schawarma Eater . 252
Playtime: Inconsistent.
Playstyle: Shoot first ask questions later
Reason for joining: Guild Name sounded nice
Personality: I hate zombies, Scrakes and Fleshpounds. Always conserve ammo. They’re expensive - So aim for the head.


Hi there,
Thank you for applying to our guild. Please meet me at fedimian ch1 near by TP shop now if you are in game


Update 14th June 2017: 4 slots left


Hello! Can I join? Just got back into the game after a looonnnngggg break and waited for the game to be better.

Team name: Nishimura
Class: Archer 2 > QS3 > Rogue 1 > Musketeer
Discord: Kuso#3859


Update 16th June: 5 slots left. Pls Feel free to contact me :smiley:


Update 18th June: 8 slots left


hello there may I join your guild, I just startin recently
started to get bored playin alone :frowning:
my IGN : Ruri-


Hi there,

May I know your level? I suggest you to run around ingame abit to decide if you really want to play for a long term or not. by the way. our guild has many high level people, it will be hard for you to find a friend to play with if you are lower than rank 5-6. However, if you are still low level but decided to play for a long term. pls pm me in discord/ingame :smiley:

Have a nice day~